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3Feb '16

Gartner’s GetApp Ranks WORK[etc] #2 in Top 25 Business Cloud Apps

GetApp, a Gartner-owned business app discovery marketplace, has recently revealed its GetRank quarterly rankings for Q1 2016 with WORK[etc] snagging the #2 spot on the list of 25 top business management apps.

By Daniel Barnett | 03-02-2016

8Jan '16

In Development: Capture, Nurture, and Close Sales Leads Faster on One Page

By Daniel Barnett | 08-01-2016 | 11 comments

The upcoming Leads Workspace will give your sales team the ability to do their job faster on one page, using only one app. Read on to learn more.

15Dec '15

An Inside Look at WORK[etc]’s Upcoming Workspaces

By Daniel Barnett | 15-12-2015 | 18 comments

WORK[etc] already lets you manage your entire business using only the one app. The upcoming Workspace feature will let you do the bulk of your work on the one page.

12Nov '15

Video Demo: WORK[etc]’s Upcoming UI Update in Action

By Daniel Barnett | 12-11-2015 | 18 comments

You've seen pictures, you've read the updates. Now it's time to actually show the next big WORK[etc] release in action.

10Nov '15

WORK[etc] Launches Location-Aware Security Layer

By Daniel Barnett | 10-11-2015 | 12 comments

Our robust granular permissions settings get a new partner in securing your WORK[etc] data: the location-aware Remote Access Control.

22Sep '15

Hot New Release: Rebuilt and Improved WORK[etc] Outlook Add-In Now Available

By Daniel Barnett | 22-09-2015 | 9 comments

After months of thorough development and beta testing, the new, improved, rebuilt-from-the-ground-up WORK[etc] Outlook add-in is now available.

1Jul '15

Knowledge Base, Email Signatures, More Added to WORK[etc] Mobile Apps

By Daniel Barnett | 01-07-2015 | 18 comments

Our Android and iOS devs have just made a couple of feature requests come true: both apps now have a knowledge base module as well as a list of employees on company contact details. Email signatures have also been added to the Android and iOS apps’ support module.

24Jun '15

Stronger Security, Faster Performance, and an Exclusive Peek at the Future of WORK[etc]

By Daniel Barnett | 24-06-2015 | 41 comments

Here is what we've done so far this year to make running your business on WORK[etc] better. Oh, and here is what we'll be doing next to make it even better.

7May '15

Download the New WORK[etc] Android App Now

By Daniel Barnett | 07-05-2015 | 19 comments

After two months of thorough testing, we're proud to announce that the new and improved WORK[etc] app for Android is now out on Google Play. Read on for a brief rundown of the optimizations and improvements we've made during the course of the beta and check out a video preview of the app in action.

10Apr '15

How this Consulting Firm Doubled with the help of WORK[etc] & Google for Work

By Daniel Barnett | 10-04-2015 | 18 comments

This financial consulting firm doubled their business in part helped by embedding their business processes into Google Apps for Business and the WORK[etc] Gmail Gadget.  Find out how you can put this system into play within your own business.

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