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12Nov '15

Video Demo: WORK[etc]’s Upcoming UI Update in Action

You've seen pictures, you've read the updates. Now it's time to actually show the next big WORK[etc] release in action.

By Daniel Barnett | 12-11-2015 | 9 comments

10Nov '15

WORK[etc] Launches Location-Aware Security Layer

By Daniel Barnett | 10-11-2015 | 7 comments

Our robust granular permissions settings get a new partner in securing your WORK[etc] data: the location-aware Remote Access Control.

22Sep '15

Hot New Release: Rebuilt and Improved WORK[etc] Outlook Add-In Now Available

By Daniel Barnett | 22-09-2015 | 6 comments

After months of thorough development and beta testing, the new, improved, rebuilt-from-the-ground-up WORK[etc] Outlook add-in is now available.

1Jul '15

Knowledge Base, Email Signatures, More Added to WORK[etc] Mobile Apps

By Daniel Barnett | 01-07-2015 | 14 comments

Our Android and iOS devs have just made a couple of feature requests come true: both apps now have a knowledge base module as well as a list of employees on company contact details. Email signatures have also been added to the Android and iOS apps’ support module.

24Jun '15

Stronger Security, Faster Performance, and an Exclusive Peek at the Future of WORK[etc]

By Daniel Barnett | 24-06-2015 | 40 comments

Here is what we've done so far this year to make running your business on WORK[etc] better. Oh, and here is what we'll be doing next to make it even better.

7May '15

Download the New WORK[etc] Android App Now

By Daniel Barnett | 07-05-2015 | 19 comments

After two months of thorough testing, we're proud to announce that the new and improved WORK[etc] app for Android is now out on Google Play. Read on for a brief rundown of the optimizations and improvements we've made during the course of the beta and check out a video preview of the app in action.

27Feb '15

New WORK[etc] iPhone CRM App Now Live

By Daniel Barnett | 27-02-2015 | 14 comments

Earlier this week, we sent out a call for beta testers for the WORK[etc] Android CRM app. Well, we're not done yet with the mobile love -- not by a long shot! WORK[etc]'s first major mobile release of the year is finally here: the WORK[etc] iPhone CRM app is now out and available on the iTunes App Store. Download it now!

24Feb '15

Sign up Now for the WORK[etc] Android CRM App Beta

By Daniel Barnett | 24-02-2015 | 16 comments

We've said before that the Android version of the WORK[etc] mobile CRM app was hot on the heels of the iPhone app—and we weren't kidding! As the iPhone app finally breaks out into the wild, we're opening signups for the Android app's beta testing phase. Join Insiders now and be a beta tester!

9Dec '14

What You Need to Know: Latest Look at the Progress of our Mobile and Web CRM Apps

By Daniel Barnett | 09-12-2014 | 19 comments

With the iPhone app's Beta testing phase nearing its end, the Android app moving closer and closer to leaving the Alpha stage, and improvements continuing to be made in preparation for the next massive web app update, there's certainly a lot on our figurative plate. As another year ends, let's take a look at where WORK[etc] is currently at in each of these areas.

28Oct '14

New WORK[etc] iPhone App Beta Now Available

By Daniel Barnett | 28-10-2014 | 38 comments

WORK[etc]’s iOS CRM app is now finally ready for beta testing. Before you dive into the app, though, how exactly does it differ from last year’s release? Find out what it lets you do with this walkthrough post.

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