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Australian Financial Review

What CloudeNotes, WORK[Etc] and TGA Graduate Have Learnt About Offshoring

APRIL 28, 2016 by Michael Bailey

Lean-running start-ups lead the offshoring trend now sweeping corporate Australia. Founders of three spoken to by The Australian Financial Review – CloudeNotes, WORK[etc] and TGA Graduate – have learnt that despite the temptingly low cost of foreign contractors, failure to treat them like any other member of your team will end in disaster.

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Startup Daily

Business Management Startup WORK[Etc] Announces ASX Listing Ahead of Push into US Market

FEBRUARY 9, 2016 by Liz Leigh

Australian startup WORK[etc] has today announced its listing on the ASX. The business management startup, which has an annualised revenue run rate of almost $2.5 million, will look to use the capital raised to launch an aggressive push into the US market.

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How Daniel Barnett Saw a Problem for SMEs and Turned It into a $2.5M Business

FEBRUARY 8, 2016 by Ronelle Richards

Daniel Barnett says the idea for his business management platform WORK[etc] came to him while he was running a different small business.

After finishing university, Barnett was leading a web design business that quickly grew to 14 staff. He was travelling regularly and needed ways to operate his business remotely.

This led to him to develop a few “rudimentary tools” for remote work but it took several years – including time when Barnett worked as a management consultant – for these tools to flourish into a new business.

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Australian Financial Review

Cloud Firms Limber Up for Listing

FEBRUARY 8, 2016 by Yolanda Redrup

WORK[etc] on AFR

The momentum of tech company listings on the ASX is continuing in 2016, with two new tech businesses announcing their intentions to go public in the coming months, including one led by the son of Western Australia Premier Colin Barnett.

Business management technology company WORK[etc], founded by Daniel Barnett, was ranked by Deloitte as one of the fastest-growing tech companies in Asia Pacific in 2013, and is now planning to list on the ASX to raise $4 million to $5 million.

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Deloitte Technology Fast500 Asia Pacific 2013

DECEMBER 4, 2013

Deloitte Fast500 results

WORK[etc] features at #75 in this year’s Deloitte Technology Fast500 Asia Pacific. Read full list of results »


Tools to Keep Remote Employees Motivated and Productive

OCTOBER 4, 2013 by Brian Honigman

WORK[etc] is a web-based tool that helps organizations of all sizes stay organized, especially smaller companies with remote teams. It combines the functionality of a customer relationship management (CRM) system, project management, billing, sales, support and collaboration in an all-in-one cloud platform across all devices. It is a total business management system that helps organize your sales team, projects, operations, finance team, support team, management and business owners as one unit. WORK[etc] starts at $195 a month for three users with $39 per month for each additional user with 10,000 contacts and 15 GB of storage.

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New York Business Journal

How Every B2B Can Benefit from Social Media with WORKetc’s NEW Social CRM Integration

AUGUST 15, 2013 by PR Newswire

B2B managers and sales executives are under increasing pressure from key stakeholders to integrate social media marketing into their business strategy. But with just as many ROI horror stories as there is hype, where are they to start?

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What If Your 16 Employees Resided in 7 Countries?

MAY 17, 2013 by Suzanne Lucas

When you think of multinational corporations, certain names probably pop into your head. But, there is a completely different kind of global company: the micro-multinational. Daniel Barnett founded and runs one of these companies, WorkEtc, an all-in-one business management platform.

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Business Insider

If You’re Managing Remote Workers, Give Them Tools To Increase Efficiency

APRIL 26, 2013 by Ramon Ray

Some managers and companies argue that having people in the office is essential, and that remote workers are harder to monitor and detract from company culture.

But for many small business owners outside of major population centres, remote work is a necessity in one way or another. And many others have family commitments or struggle to function well in an office environment.

For Daniel Barnett, the founder of WORK[etc], a company that’s built a business management platform that facilitates remote work, both were true. His entire team of 16 works remotely, from Los Angeles to Essex, England, Australia, Kuala Lumpur, and beyond.

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WORKetc – automate your business

JUNE 6, 2012 by Ronan Quirke

So what is WORKetc?
WORKetc CRM & projects provides functionality to run lots of different parts of your business: CRM, projects, billing, help desk, timesheets, documents, calendars and more.

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WORKetc: Streamline Your Work

MAY 31, 2012 by Alex Willen

As your business grows, managing your employees requires adding new systems for CRM, project management, billing, and more. While each of these is designed to make one particular aspect of management easier, the combination of all of them can make life complicated.

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Amex Open Forum

5 Online CRM Platforms That Go Beyond Basics

JANUARY 24, 2012 by John Jantsch

Worketc. combines CRM, project management, billing, sales, support and more with a powerful automation engine to help take your small business to the next level. This tool allows you to manage every aspect of your business, from organizing around projects to sending out the final bill. Worketc. keeps you in one tool, so you don’t have to jump between different software and systems to take care of all of it. This CRM tool promises to take care of most everything, from start to finish.

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Business Insider

Consolidate Your Management Platforms with WORKetc

AUGUST 9, 2011 by Ramon Ray

Instead of having different programs to manage your finances, your projects, your CRM, and your sales, why not just roll them all into one? Well, that’s exactly the solution from WORKetc, which is a software platform that allows small businesses to manage their entire operations in one place. sat down with Dan Barnett, the founder of WORKetc, to give a little bit more about what the company offers small and medium-sized businesses

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Small Business Trends

Tales of Micro-Multinationals: Worketc

JULY 21, 2010 by Bernard Lunn

Worketc operates in the large and very competitive business software market, competing with well-known companies such as and 37 Signals/Basecamp.

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TCM net

WORKetc Online CRM Addresses CRM Info Usability

August 11, 2009 by David Sims

Sydney-based data management expert David Taber recently stated that SaaS (News – Alert) CRM software is only as useful as the data put into it is relevant.

Hardly an earthshaking observation, but it does raise the question of whether businesses need to train staff in using software like (News – Alert), and for developers there’s the issue of whether their CRM programs can be updated to help staff input more relevant information passively.

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WORKetc Offers an End to Single Purpose Web Apps

JUNE 3, 2008 by Scott Blitstein

Depending upon your business, you may use a multitude of web services to keep things running smoothly. One for invoicing, another for project management, yet another for time tracking, contacts, support, etc… Even if you can get them to integrate at some level, managing all of […]

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G Suite Marketplace

G Suite Marketplace – one of the highest reviewed apps:

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