Get Paid Quicker With the WORKetc iPhone CRM App’s New Invoice Module

Create, edit, and send invoices—and get paid—even faster with the new invoice module coming to the WORKetc CRM app for iPhone. Join the beta now.

WORKetc iPhone CRM App Invoice ModuleCreate, edit, and send invoices on the go with the new WORKetc iPhone app.

We’ve received a lot of requests form WORKetc users to include an invoicing module in the WORKetc CRM app for iPhone.

Today, I’m glad to confirm that those requests are going to be fulfilled. Our iPhone app developers are neck-deep into building the all-new invoice module for the WORKetc iPhone app.

Here’s what it does and how it helps your business.

Create, Edit, Send Invoices

The iPhone app’s all-new invoice module is a full-featured module that lets you create, edit, and send out invoices even while you’re out of the office.

Here’s a quick scenario. Let’s say you work for an IT company. You’re out on site, doing regular maintenance for a client’s office network.

This is something for which you bill a flat rate, so you’ve already prepared the invoice before you got to the client’s office.

During the course of checking for issues, you notice that the cooling fans on a couple of their servers need to be replaced. You have the needed fans in your truck, but that would cost the client extra.

Once the client agrees to replace the old fans and pay for the new ones, you can easily open up the invoice you prepared and edit it to include the cost of the fans as new line items.

WORKetc iPhone CRM App Invoice ModuleEdit invoices on the go. Click for full view.

  1. More options (Add item, Add discount)
  2. Show detailed breakdown of invoice total, including:
    • Sub-total of all items
    • Total of all applied taxes
    • Invoice balance
  3. Add a discount to the current line item only.
  4. Add a new line item to the invoice.
  5. Add a discount to the entire invoice.

Here’s another scenario. You’ve just finished doing routine maintenance on multiple server racks. The invoice is ready, but you’re not sending it out until the end of the week.

Before you leave, the client decides to pay the maintenance fees right then and there. This is behavior you want to actively encourage, so you decide to add a 5% early payment discount to the official invoice.

To do that, you just open the WORKetc iPhone app, find the correct invoice using the app’s filter options, and edit it to add the 5% discount.

Being able to make edits to invoices in real-time and on the fly help make sure that you’re always billing your clients the correct amount.

If you wait until you get back to your office to make these edits, you run the risk of forgetting them altogether and losing out on billable items. Plus, it helps cut down on extra administrative time spent correcting your invoices.

Get Paid Sooner

Using the WORKetc iPhone app, you can now send out invoices using only your phone and without having to open the WORKetc web app.

The sharing options are tied directly to the iPhone’s built-in sharing options, so you can send an invoice as an email, print it, or download it to your phone for later viewing. You can even send an invoice to a client you’re chatting with on Messenger.

WORKetc iPhone CRM App Invoice ModuleEditing, viewing, and sharing invoices in the new WORKetc iPhone app. Click for full view.

  1. Swipe from right to left on an invoice to reveal the edit button.
  2. Edit invoice.
  3. Tap an invoice number to view the invoice as a PDF.
  4. Open share options screen when viewing a PDF invoice.
  5. Invoice share options. These will change depending on which apps you have installed. You can also save or print an invoice using your iPhone.

Instead of having to consolidate all billable invoices at the end of the day or week and then having your finance person send them all out in one go, the new invoice module on the WORKetc iPhone app lets you establish a “quick-send” pattern with your clients.

As soon as you finish a job, the invoice can be sent immediately—even if you’re working on-site or out of the office—which in turn helps influence your client to pay more quickly.

Stay on Top of Unpaid Invoices

Aside from letting you create, edit, and send out invoices, the WORKetc iPhone app’s new invoice module also helps you keep track of all your paid and unpaid invoices.

Overdue invoices will appear red on the list of invoices, as you can see in the screenshot below.

WORKetc iPhone CRM App Invoice ModuleAlways stay on top of your invoices. Click for full view.

  1. Overdue unpaid invoices appear red.
  2. Paid invoices appear white.
  3. Search for specific contacts or invoice numbers.
  4. Sort filter results.
  5. Choose which invoice types (paid, unpaid, cancelled, or any) appear in the filtered results.

You can follow up on any unpaid or overdue invoice by sending them to a client using your iPhone. It also serves to give you an idea of any billables you may still need to collect from a client.

Let’s say you’re headed to a meeting with one of your IT firm’s regular clients. You give the invoice list a quick review, filtering for any invoices sent to that particular client, and discover that they have an unpaid invoice due tomorrow.

You can then use that knowledge to give them a gentle reminder during the meeting. If they have any questions about the invoice, you can just pull it up on your phone and even go through it with the client line by line.

Record More Data

The WORKetc iPhone app’s invoice module will also have full support for custom fields. These fields allow you to record any kind of information relevant to your business, no matter how specific or niche it may be.

An IT company that offers product sales, installs, and maintenance services, for example, can record which specific server models are installed in which specific client companies.

They can even keep track of serial numbers, maintenance schedules, the company’s in-house head of IT, and even the name of the receptionist at the company’s front desk that technicians will need to talk to once they arrive.

WORKetc iPhone CRM App Invoice ModuleTrack any kind of data you need with WORKetc’s custom fields. Click for full view.

  1. Tap to cycle through the following views (in order):
    • Invoice details
    • Invoice items, where you can make edits to line items
    • Invoice custom fields
  2. Text fields on the custom field screen support in-line editing. Just tap to edit and start typing.

Using custom fields, you can keep track of and include purchase and job order numbers, information on who prepared the invoice, and even extra terms and conditions specific to a client on your invoices.

The new invoice module will also make full use of the updates to the custom field feature I talked about in my previous post, so you can edit a multi-line field in-line without having to open a new view.

The invoice module is the main feature addition we’re building out for the WORKetc iPhone app right now, but this won’t be the last update we’re rolling out.

To stay on top of new features and enhancements while helping shape the iPhone app’s final release version, sign up as a beta tester by completing this challenge on WORKetc Insiders.

Want to be first on the list for exclusive beta invites and free upgrades. Become an Insider and join our exclusive community of the best, brightest, and most successful WORKetc users by clicking here.

How do you see the yourself using the invoice module to get paid quicker? Leave a comment below.

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