WORKetc is Shifting Into High Gear with Elasticsearch

We're tinkering under WORKetc's hood and bringing massive speed improvements across the entire platform. Read on and be one of the first to experience the speed.

WORKetc CRM Elasticsearch Speed ImprovementsMassive speed improvements coming to WORKetc CRM.

WORKetc isn’t just a tool for running a business. We built it to help you grow that business.

And with growth comes more contacts, leads, projects, timesheets—more and more business-critical data that needs to be created, saved, and tracked.

That’s one of the big considerations we had in mind for our ever-evolving roadmap of sweeping changes and improvements for the entire WORKetc platform: how do we better help your business grow?

The first part of the equation was Elasticsearch, a modern, open-source, enterprise-grade search engine that will lead to massive speed improvements all across the entire WORKetc platform.

What Elasticsearch Does for Your Business

WORKetc CRM Elasticsearch Speed ImprovementsFind what you need faster and easier with Elasticsearch.

Let’s say you’re in an unfamiliar city. You’ve got a hankering for pizza, but not just any pizza—gluten-free pizza.

Now, you’ve got a map that has all the restaurants in the area marked. Unfortunately, all the map shows you is the locations of those restaurants, not what kind of restaurant they are.

All you can do to get your gluten-free pizza fix is to hit up every single restaurant on your map and see if they have what you need.

Elasticsearch basically adds additional info symbols over that map. You don’t have to visit every restaurant nearby, you just have to find the restaurants with the “pizza” symbol, plus the symbol for gluten-free options.

This makes it much easier to find the exact thing you want faster and more efficiently.

And since you don’t have to check every single restaurant in the area, it won’t matter if you’re looking for gluten-free pizza within a few blocks or within the entire state.

In fact, according to tests we’ve run on real WORKetc accounts, the more data you have to sift through the bigger the speed improvements.

The Bigger They Are, the Faster They Load

One major benefit of Elasticsearch is that the speed improvements it brings scale right alongside the size of your WORKetc account’s database.

This means the more data you have in WORKetc—contacts, leads, projects, tasks, emails, support tickets, timesheets, invoices—you’ll be able to experience much larger and more pronounced speed increases.

We confirmed this with the help of some real WORKetc users who offered up specific activity streams for our testing.

WORKetc CRM Elasticsearch Speed ImprovementsElasticsearch implementation speed improvements in WORKetc CRM. Click for full view.

With thousands of items and records all adding up to 20GB, Virtual Resort Manager‘s activity stream submission to our ongoing Elasticsearch Insiders challenge was one of the largest accounts we tested.

Prior to implementing Elasticsearch, the activity stream they submitted took 3.51 seconds to load a total of 959 filtered records.

After implementing Elasticsearch, that load time was cut down to a mere 0.48 seconds—less than half a second.

That’s a whopping 630% speed increase.

We saw a similar increase in the activity stream submitted by Australian tourism marketing company WOOF Media, whose database clocked in at 2.7GB, and experienced an impressive speed increase of 153%: from 1.45 seconds to just 0.57 seconds.

The smallest account we tested so far came from the UK-based online marketing and advertising firm Max-E-Biz.

Their database was just 400MB in size, so the activity stream they submitted for the test was already reasonably quick, loading 13668 records in just 1.17 seconds.

Still, with Elasticsearch implemented, that loading time was reduced to just 0.86 seconds, a respectable 36% speed increase.

Get Faster First

All of our tests, both internal and on actual WORKetc user accounts, point to significant reductions in search and loading times.

These speed improvements aren’t limited to common activity streams, either. We’ve also tested other integral parts of WORKetc, from projects and task lists with multiple filter options all the way to attachments and Gantt charts.

Everything’s coming up roses so far with our Elasticsearch implementation, but we’re not about to stop at just a few tests.

We’re still accepting any and all activity link submissions for further testing, details for which can be found here.

This beta offer is exclusive to WORKetc Insiders, our exclusive community of the best, brightest, and most successful WORKetc users.

If you’re not an Insider yet and want to be first on the list for exclusive beta invites and free upgrades, join now by clicking here.

Those who sign up for the Elasticsearch implementation tests will automatically be among the first to have their WORKetc account upgraded to the final release of the Elasticsearch update—just like the first four companies to have signed up, who are now able to make full use of the Elasticsearch-powered WORKetc.

Want to experience the Elasticsearch speed improvements first? Head on over to Insiders and complete the Elasticsearch submission challenge.

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