New WORK[etc] iPhone CRM App Now Live

Earlier this week, we sent out a call for beta testers for the WORK[etc] Android CRM app. Well, we're not done yet with the mobile love — not by a long shot! WORK[etc]'s first major mobile release of the year is finally here: the WORK[etc] iPhone CRM app is now out and available on the iTunes App Store. Download it now!

The new WORK[etc] iPhone CRM app is now out and available for download on the App Store. Those who can’t wait to check out the app can click here to download it.

The iPhone app has gone through a number of changes since it was first announced. The beta testing phase, in particular, helped us streamline and optimize the app further.

One of the most recent changes made is to the Contacts module, which has undergone an overhaul that allows users to browse and find contacts faster than before.

iPhone CRM AppWORK[etc] iPhone CRM App Contacts List. Click for full view.

The Discussions module has also been re-coded from the ground up following feedback from our awesome beta testers. An overwhelming response from users was that the new implementation of the Discussion tool was basically a massive fail. We’ve since completely redesigned and recoded this module, resulting in this far superior final version.

iPhone Discussion ModuleWORK[etc] iPhone CRM App Discussions Module. Click for full view.

Those who are using iOS 8 are also getting something extra: a WORK[etc] widget on the “Today” drop down widget. This home-screen widget reminds you of and lets you quickly view any running timers even when you close the WORK[etc] app. It also lets you pause and stop timesheets from any iPhone screen without having to open the WORK[etc] app itself.

Progress tracking crm widgetToday widget for iOS 8. Click for full view.

Here’s a super quick look at just some of the improved and all-new modules that we’ve packed into the new WORK[etc] iPhone app.

Customisable CRM app iPhone Creating items on the WORK[etc] iPhone CRM App dashboard. Click for full view.
iPhone App - Leads and ProjectsLeads and Projects in the WORK[etc] iPhone CRM App. Click for full view.
iPhone App CRM - Sub-ProjectsWORK[etc] iPhone CRM App Subprojects. Click for full view.
iPhone App CRM - Adding and Editing ExpensesWORK[etc] iPhone CRM App Expenses Module. Click for full view.
iPhone App CRM - Timer WORK[etc] iPhone CRM App Timer. Click for full view.

Become a beta tester for the WORK[etc] Android CRM app

The iOS folks aren’t the only ones getting some mobile love. Earlier this week, we officially sent out a call for beta testers for the WORK[etc] Android app. Find out more about how to sign up and what the Android version of the app can do here.

Have you downloaded the app yet? Tell us what you think in the comments section.


Thomas Lawler
Friday 27, Feb 2015 9:10 PM

So exciting! Everything looks great & as advertised. I will make sure to send the link out to the download this morning to all of our employees. I know we will have a lot of happy campers with the added functionality. Especially with the ability to take photos of receipts for expenses.

Thank you for allowing the customers to be involved with this project. I’m sure everyone at Work[etc] is happy with the final product!

Saturday 28, Feb 2015 12:30 AM

The new iphone app is awesome. Way to go!

David McGarry
Saturday 28, Feb 2015 6:36 AM

The new app looks so clean, and well thought-out. It appears that everything is easily available and it will really help us speed up little tasks we do every day.

I will definitely use the timer as I am always forgetting when I started a task and usually have to work out how long I have been working on a project by how far I am through the album I’m listening to!

For me the most important parts of W[e] are Contacts/ to-dos/ discussions/ timesheets, I look forward to test driving the app and hopefully won’t always have to run over to the laptop if I quickly need to check something.

James Hartley
Sunday 1, Mar 2015 9:22 AM

Looks great!
After having missed the last couple of itinerations after having swapped my iphone in the middle of beta I was waiting impatiently for this upgrade.
As usual the WETC team have surpassed themselves… all the glitches seem to have been ironed out, a nice clean interface with all the the functionality that was missing from the old app.
Adding notes and dealing with discussions on the fly is a huge bonus…
Keep up the good work and much looking forward to the desktop site refresh…. coming soon I hope?

Donna Grindle
Monday 2, Mar 2015 1:32 AM

The updates look great and will definitely improve productivity in our organization. I got excited about things I could do on mobile more than once in the beta!

Tuesday 3, Mar 2015 9:54 PM

Work etc is an instrumental part to my business
success. It is now awesome to have this
instrument anywhere I go. The leaders of
worketc have taken great care in listening to their users to gain valued
feedback in what we want in both in office and out! Awesome work, worketc…keep it up and thank

David Jones
Tuesday 3, Mar 2015 10:31 PM

Looks great as usual. I am happy to see the new features surrounding expenses on the mobile app. Being able to record an expense at the time of purchase and being able to snap a picture of the receipt is huge for me. I appreciate the effort to continue listening to customers and enhancing this product. Keep up the great work.

    Todd Warren
    Wednesday 4, Mar 2015 7:07 AM

    Will this be able to integrate with Xero expense reporting?

Thursday 5, Mar 2015 7:37 AM

I’m looking forward to the efficiency boost we’ll get using this while out in the field. Being able to easily add time sheets or search for contacts on the go will be a real lifesaver. And almost as importantly, it all looks great. Can’t wait for the Android version either!

Allen Bayless
Monday 9, Mar 2015 5:19 AM

It’s great the new version has launched in the App Store! Being able to beta was great to see the app in progress.The update on the contact list is nice. I remember making a comment on some of the sections, but implementing that new swipe for quick options is awesome! Great to see that almost all features from the browser version can be managed straight from mobile as well.

Julie Stanford
Wednesday 11, Mar 2015 1:34 AM

Agree with Allen, I love the ability to swipe contacts for quick options. I also love the way you have handled the contacts list. You have use a perfect font sizes for contact names, project titles, etc, for easy reading and scanning. (Whilst it’s currently fashionable to use smaller font sizes in apps, they don’t work when it comes to actually being able to read the items!) I also like that when you search, the searched letters are shown in bold in the list. A nice little extra.

My only tiny gripe is that the project tree view is less of a ‘tree’ and more of a list. If you had indented sub items, the hierarchy would be quickly evident at a glance.

But that’s a very small thing considering the amount of work, thought and care that has been applied to the app and its user interface.

Congratulations to the team behind it.

Ryan Powell
Sunday 15, Mar 2015 4:17 AM

A beautiful and intuitive app! It is so awesome how you took the time to gather such important feedback from your user base and took the time to do this one right. It’s seems that often times many cloud apps rush to create a iOS companion with minimal success. This really extends the product as a whole.

William Mullane
Tuesday 31, Mar 2015 11:42 PM

The new iOS app is gorgeous; really slick. I’d been using the Beta and had some familiarity but was thrilled to turn my team members on to the public release. One staffer just got a new iPhone and downloaded the app. He is in the field a lot and is already making good use of it. I love the ability to keep the app running and sign back in with a simple code.

Steve Westrop | WORK[etc]
Thursday 23, Apr 2015 12:18 AM

Great to read all the feedback here. Despite not having much apple-love (to put it mildly) I’ve been really excited by the developments… not least ‘cos I know they are coming to Android too 🙂 Bringing the mobile app development in-house has been a huge benefit to us… and therefore to you. Huge thanks to all the Beta testers – you’ve helped make something great even better! I’ll make sure that Rey, our iOS guru has seen all your feedback 🙂

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