Case Studies. All-in-one CRM + project management helps turn marketing mayhem into efficiency and growth
12May '14

All-in-one CRM + project management helps turn marketing mayhem into efficiency and growth

How can a marketing firm best leverage WORK[etc]'s powerful features to further propel company growth forward? Learn the answer to this question and more!

Business ChartsInternet marketing is one of the most dynamic areas of industry – ever shifting and constantly evolving. Due to it being in a constant state of flux, it can be confusing for the unprepared. An internet marketing company needs to be able to switch gears right alongside the industry, and to do that you need a platform that can keep up with you. You need more than just a CRM. You need WORK[etc].

WORK[etc] is an efficient and customizable cloud-based platform built specifically to help small- and medium-sized businesses. It lets you and your colleagues manage every aspect of your business through a convenient, low maintenance platform that contains all the tools you need to take your company to the next level.

What WORK[etc] can do for you: 

  • Access customer information, account history, and more through a single page
  • Create and manage targeted email marketing campaigns
  • Use clients’ social media profiles to search for updated customer info
  • Create and link web forms to collect and create lead entries, contacts, and support cases through your website and have them automatically imported to the WORK[etc] platform
  • Collect extensive information and conduct interviews with custom fields
  • Track lead progress and status
  • Create and track custom quotes and invoices
  • Generate reports automatically
  • Integrate seamlessly with Gmail, Quickbooks, and more apps

Customer Relationship Management

contacts_screenExcellent customer relationship management is the cornerstone of every successful marketer. It’s also the heart and soul of the WORK[etc] platform. Through WORK[etc]’s CRM, you can access a centralized list containing the contact information of everybody you do business with. It lets you communicate with your workforce, connect with your customers, and fire off email marketing blasts with ease.

With WORK[etc], account management is a breeze. The integrated platform automatically consolidates any changes or additions to your customers’ activity history, be it billing or financial changes or any additional projects you’ve undertaken for them. This allows you to quickly pinpoint customer concerns and answer their questions without having to worry about constantly updating your customers’ profiles.

If a customer calls you, for example, you can bring up their contact record using the platform’s powerful search and sorting functions. From there, you can browse through their activity history, additional contact information, notes, and reminders. It’s fast, smooth, and keeps you from having to ask repeat customers the same dozen or so questions every time they call.

We know exactly how important company transparency is in maintaining good customer relationships. WORK[etc]’s customer portal allows your customers to view their activity history with your company. This can include information on past projects and progress on current ones. It also gives your customers a communication tool that can be used to provide feedback, approve marketing assets, and view their outstanding invoices. Putting both the company and the customer on the same page allows for a more harmonious and successful collaboration.

Lead Creation and Tracking

WORK[etc] WebformsBy using WORK[etc]’s web forms, you can establish a link that lets you collect lead information through your website and transfer that information into WORK[etc]. You can pick and choose which fields to show on the platform’s customizable leads dashboard, giving you the power to choose exactly how extensive the information you collect will be.

Once the leads are in the system, you can update their current status as necessary while the system itself automatically generates extensive reports. This allows you and your sales associates to get relevant information on a lead at a glance and obtain detailed reports on everything from lead progress and activity to performance and sales with a few mouse clicks, freeing you and your sales force up to focus on other pertinent duties. Since the system’s automatic reports are based entirely on the information entered into it, it can also serve as an excellent accountability tracker.

Lead progress can be modified using a simple drop-down menu. Custom fields also let you add or update pertinent information such as previous communications and additional notes to the lead. If you need to get an overall view of your leads and see where your company currently stands, you can track their progress through the sales pipeline. This custom graphical representation can be further broken down by checking lead stages for specific sales associates or for the entire company as a whole.

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What This Means For Your Marketing Firm

The WORK[etc] platform is more than just a CRM. It’s a powerful suite of tools — including everything from client and lead management to sales and marketing — that can easily be customized to meet your marketing firm’s specific needs. Sign up for our free 14-day demo and register for a one-on-one demonstration to see just what sets WORK[etc] apart from the rest.