Case Studies. How an accounting firm can manage the entire customer life cycle with one cloud-based solution
21Feb '14

How an accounting firm can manage the entire customer life cycle with one cloud-based solution

Each year, you probably dream of sailing through tax season and winning a stream of client accolades and new referrals. Why not make that happen with a simple, powerful solution that redefines the meaning of efficiency?

WORK[etc] is designed for small- and medium-size business success. It’s based in the cloud, so you’ll have no software updates or server maintenance. For a fraction of the cost of in-house IT systems, WORK[etc] delivers tools to manage all aspects of your accounting business in one convenient, low-maintenance platform.

From a central dashboard, you can take off in any direction you need: CRM, billing, customer support, simple and complex project management and much more.

WORK[etc] enables you to leave your piecemeal approach to business software solutions behind. It offers instead a one-stop productivity center that’s accessible from anywhere in the world using an Internet connection or smartphone.

What WORK[etc] Can Do For You

Manage client relationships from one central access point.

  • Simply type in the client’s name and a global search then delivers a complete account record. Phone calls, emails, notes, documents, work in progress, bills, payments, special projects and other key materials are all accessible from a central dashboard. Your productivity will increase, and clients will appreciate your thorough approach.

Create lead entries and imports contacts.

  • WORK[etc] lets you develop profiles of potential new clients and capture what you learn about them and their accounting needs in one place. You can track leads and use the profiles you develop to better customize your quotes and proposals.

Optimize workflow so everyone knows what their tasks and deadlines are.

  • For complex business and accounting projects, WORK[etc] lets you select a template and define stages and deadlines, allocate tasks, create dependencies, and track expenses and time sheets among other available options. The same platform generates client billing and the data and analytics needed for performance assessment.

Increase productivity throughout all areas of your business.

  • You can customize extensively or use available templates to create a responsive software environment in which your business can thrive.

Customer Relationship Management

All-in-One SolutionAs an accountant, you’re constantly dealing with deadlines. When each new one approaches, your focus is on the returns, audits and other products you’ve been hired to produce. You want clients to see that you work hard for them and understand their specific needs.

With WORK[etc]’s CRM, you can be that accountant everyone loves to recommend to friends and business associates. With a centralized point of entry into each client’s complete account record, you can show clients that you care and increase business at the same time.

For example, the client record might mention important family milestones you can follow up on. Asking how that new baby or the college freshman is doing shows your attentiveness and might just inspire the client to add financial planning services to the tax work you provide.

You might see a note about a business client who’s thinking of retiring but expressed misgivings about the future of his company. You could turn his offhand comment into new business by proposing the development of a proactive succession plan and helping him envision it as a positive step.

Your services are multidimensional, and with WORK[etc], you can find opportunities to work for your clients all year long and throughout their lives — not just during tax season.

Project Management

Gantt ChartWORK[etc] has the means to make simple projects straightforward and efficient with no unnecessary complications.

For more complex projects, you’ll be impressed with the management resources available through WORK[etc]. You can define the scope, objectives, structure, tasks and teams as well as deadlines for deliverables. You can isolate tasks and deadlines for individuals and generate visuals such as Gantt Charts and timelines to track progress.

WORK[etc] also lets you monitor budgets and customize other features as needed to ensure a timely and successful outcome. Teams communicate easily online, and remote workers are seamlessly integrated.

Quotes, Billing and Invoicing

WORK[etc] enables you to keep accounts up to date by providing timely billing as well as reminders and tracking for overdue accounts. It also optimizes convenience for your clients with a self-service portal that encourages quicker payments.

Your project time sheets and expenses are easy to manage and invoice as well with tools designed for optimal efficiency.

What This Means For Your Accounting Firm

Our all-in-one platform is powerful, and much of that power lies in its flexibility. WORK[etc] is more than just a CRM. It’s also an integrated project management, sales, and billing platform that is yours to shape in the way you see is best for your accounting firm’s needs. For a closer look at what WORK[etc] can do for your accounting firm, sign up for our free 14-day trial and book a one-on-one demo today.