A Sneak Peek at WORK[etc] iOS App Version 3’s New Features

Version 2 of the WORK[etc] iOS app was a huge improvement over Version 1. Version 3 is set to blow it out of the water, however, as this release takes the app's speed and usability to a whole new level. Keep reading for a sneak preview of the features we’re adding.

You wanted it, so we’re making it happen — Version 3 of the WORK[etc] iOS app is due to be released soon.

Version 3 features a slick new interface that complements the one we’re designing for the main web app. You can check it out in action through the video to the right>>>

We’re also adding a host of additional features and functionalities. In a nutshell, we’ve basically crammed almost all of the entire WORK[etc] experience into your iOS device including a few features just recently added to the web app.

While we gear up for the app’s debut, let’s take a quick look at some of the new features that we’re adding in as per our users’ suggestions. Let’s start with the more general changes we’ve made to the iOS app.


More Efficient Navigation

A large number of users have been asking for the iOS app to mirror the web app’s ability to create and add new leads, support tickets, and other new objects from anywhere in the system. To do that, we’re adding a new side panel menu that lets you create a new object with a swipe and a tap.

Faster Performance

Version 3 makes heavy use of caching, so frequently accessed objects load much faster. How much faster? At least ten times. The app also performs a quick check for how current the data being loaded is, ensuring that what you see is the most current data available.

Enhanced User Interface

The new iOS app interface takes full advantage of and properly scales itself to the higher resolution screens on new iPhones, so no squinting necessary. There was a bit of a trade off between readability and how much information is displayed on-screen at any given time, but we believe that the former is a much more pressing concern right now.

Version 3’s new and improved dashboard will also give users a bird’s eye view of what they’ve been working on and what events they currently have scheduled. This should cut down on the time spent accessing pertinent projects and events when you’re using the mobile app.


And now on to the more module-specific enhancements:


We’re implementing a thorough overhaul of the app’s timesheet system to enhance the user experience. The app will let you launch a timesheet from practically any screen and comes with a new “Start / Stop” timer.

Contact Activity History

You will be able to see any contact’s activity history including correspondence on the app. That’s a lot of data, so we’re also throwing in more advanced and refined filtering options to let users quickly and easily find the specific information they’re looking for.

Image Attachments

Version 3 will allow users to take, upload, and attach images to objects. Users can, for example, take a pic of a receipt and charge it against an expense or snap a photo of a business card and attach it to a new lead, among other things.

Projects and Tasks

The overhauled project module for the iOS app now includes almost everything you’ve come to love in the web app. Both Activity View and the Nest Tree View are in. Custom Fields, which let users further customize WORK[etc] and collect more specific information that’s relevant to their business no matter how niche, have also been included in Version 3.


Collaboration across all team members will also be made easier with the new Discussion feature. This is already live on the web app and will be part of Version 3 when it launches. Users will be able to start and attach threaded discussions to contacts, leads, projects, tasks — just about any item in WORK[etc]. It cuts down on the amount of email you receive and even lets you make requests aimed at specific members of your team.

Filters and Recent Items

So when will it become available?

The first beta for Version 3 is scheduled to commence in around six to eight weeks. It will initially be open only to WORK[etc] Insiders, so if you want to get a closer look at Version 3 before anybody else you might want to sign up now.

Don’t worry, Android users — we haven’t forgotten about you guys. Version 3’s Android release is about eight weeks behind the iOS app, but considering the amount of time an app spends getting vetted by Apple the launch gap between the two will likely be less than that.

If we’ve missed anything for this next release — a tweak, a feature, or whatever else — please don’t hesitate to tell us. You can do so via the comments or on our feature suggestions forum.

  • David Jones

    I love the fact this this company continues to innovate. Tablet and mobile sales are already outpacing PC sales so any SaaS with out a mobile plan is destined to fail. Keep it up.

  • Thomas Lawler

    This looks awesome I can’t wait to get my hands on this! Improving the mobile application will only help improve an already awesome products.

  • StanZaslavsky

    Good stuff guys … hope that Android comes out quicker …

  • TechGro

    Wow, I love having a pin access code and also all of the features of worketc. now being accessible through the app. I can’t wait for the Android App. Awesome work as usual worketc!

  • Michael

    I am very much looking forward to this update. I hope to beta!!! Hint, hint! In any case I have different devices from iOS to Android that I very much looking forward to using through out our company!! If this is not available on the iPad – will the new browser version updates coming soon be iPad friendly?

    • Hi Michael – yes the new version has been designed to be responsive to different screen size, so will perfectly resize to iOS / Android tablet resolutions.

  • Very Awesome! Will this be available on the iPad as well? I agree that mobility is really the future and that is where SaaS is going to have the keys to the castle as teams get out of the office and into the world more often. I am always impressed at the steady release of continual upgrades that are always much better then the last, Keep up the good work!

    • Hey Ryan – we’re developing dedicated iPad versions once we have the iphone code base to build on (but shhhhh – don’t tell anyone)

  • Looking good Daniel!
    I cant tell you how happy I am to see a project tree with staggered structure… far easier to know where you are and navigate around. Fantastic.
    Will this version handle emailing from inside the app?
    Keep at it – and you’ll make my team very happy to get their hands on this!

    • “Will this version handle emailing from inside the app?”

      Hi James – yes it will.

  • When is the android version coming? Don’t leave us out in the cold…hahaha

    • It is running around 8 weeks behind the iOS version. We’re aiming for beta by early October at the latest.

  • Luke Faccini

    Can we invoice from it?

  • Jason Royals

    Love the new interface. All we need is speedier results. Faster computation.

    • “All we need is speedier results. Faster computation.”

      This is guaranteed!

  • Barry Gibson

    It looks great, I look foward to testing it out.
    I am also an android user and hope all the features are included within the Android version of the App.
    Will we be able to see filtered task lists within the new App? (in the same way we can set the tabs of the Web App)

    • “Will we be able to see filtered task lists within the new App?”

      Yes, in both Android and iOS. And we’re working on seamless switching between Web App and Mobile App. So the view you last we’re working on with the Web App is automatically the same view you hit when you switch to the mobile app.

  • Tony Tsicouris

    This looks like a solid upgrade from the current iOS version. I always like seeing tools I use innovate and continually strive to make their products even better. I look forward to trying out the new app. Great work!

  • TSmith

    Will you actually be able to complete timesheets on the Android app in the new version? I know you can do them now, but you can’t really consider them “time”sheets if you aren’t able to add TIME, right?

  • Domenico Pezzaniti

    Ver.3 of the app looks great. This is really going to help boost productivity.

  • Brittany McClure Thompson

    Oh my gosh! i can wait!!! Thank you Work Etc for listening to your customers and continuing to improve each time to release something!

  • Tracey

    We are new users with WORKetc. As we’ve been testing other Project Management resources and CRM tools, we have focused on the mobile use as that is a critical piece of functionality for our business. Right now, the WORKetc app is not functioning well enough for our team. We are hopeful with the new releases that it will work much better. If it does, WORKetc will be the very best solution for us and most any business! I hope the releases come out soon! If not, how can we be including in the Beta team? Thanks!

  • John Belchamber

    Great work guys. Once again it seems that you continue to take WORKetc to a new level in business management applcations.
    I can;t wait for this App to hit my iPhone!

  • Steven Kennedy

    I can not wait! I am not the biggest fan of the app they have out right now, I am looking forward for this one.

  • David McGarry

    This looks great, nice clear interface – looking forward to V3. really like the sound of the start-stop timer for tasks as timesheet management is one of my main uses. My only reservation is that the Android version needs to catch up to this level.

    • Hi David – I can confirm Start/Stop is now built on iOS alpha version and that Android is fast catching up. Amazingly the Android version, viewed on a Samsung Galaxy 5S, actually looks better than the iOS version! Almost always this is the other way around with mobile apps.

      • David McGarry

        That’s good to know, thanks Daniel. I only have the Samsung S2 though 😉 but I’ll definitely be using start/stop as our development time-scales are really important to us when quoting (and billing) clients.

  • Randy Fehr

    We’re currently subscribed to WorkEtc. but completely unusable mobile access has prevented rollout beyond initial trial users. A good iOS app (or even a responsive web version) will trigger widespread deployment for us as the features and integration are truly excellent. Please, please, please look closely at field workflow – Ideally clients, contacts, support cases, projects, etc. would be “automagicly” filtered using location services from iOS (i.e. I’m at site XX, show me all information relevant to this site). If not automatically, need to be able to filter QUICKLY based on site. Need to be able to change state and update support cases QUICKLY; need to be able to filter for ALL open support cases at a particular site (not just those assigned to you or unassigned – i.e. if you’re on-site, you need to look at ALL cases). Need to be able to add products to a support case QUICKLY.

    Also, some may differ on this point, but I’d like to see a mobile “submit for invoicing” workflow. That is, “I’ve done a bunch of stuff at this site (project or support case), and all required information is up-to-date. Client should be invoiced as of this moment”. Regardless of whether other work on the site/project continues, this acts as a timestamp for an invoice that might be related to specific customer deliverables. Effectively, generating a ‘draft invoice’ and flagging it for review followed by release to the client. I want staff in the field to do everything right up to the release of an invoice to the client – but I still want all invoices reviewed prior to release.

    The single most important field workflow (for us anyway) is tracking time against task and making sure it get’s onto an invoice with sufficient information. Have a look at Harvest – IMO, they do this very well. While we’re talking about Harvest, have a look at the ‘Team Status’ feature. I think you could do better – use location services to identify which team members are at which site – regardless of whether they have a timer running. IMO, only display location when there’s a link to a company/client – I don’t care when staff are at Starbucks (unless that Starbucks site is a client). I do care when staff are at a suppliers site picking up material because there’s always a “oh, since your there could you pick up a …”

    Eagerly awaiting beta.

  • Feel in love with the app once it came out. i travel and this make it easy when i get a call and need to use work[etc] but only have my phone.

  • Fredrik Bystedt

    Will this version support invoicing?
    Seems like the question has been asked a few times…
    The ability to invoice clients in the database from the iOS device is huge. Same for being able to invoice clients for change orders in ongoing projects.

    We are debating a switch from our current mash of web apps, this seems to be the most complete business management system out there that we have looked at. The new iOS app looks great!!

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