Video Demo: The Upcoming WORKetc Leads Workspace

We continue our showcase of the overhaul we'll be giving WORKetc with this exclusive look at the upcoming Leads Workspace.

The upcoming Leads Workspace is being built with one goal in mind: to let you and your sales team do everything concerning lead management on a single page, from capturing a lead to nurturing it and closing the deal.

Workspaces — which will be integrated with each of WORKetc’s major modules — will let you quickly switch between items with as few clicks as possible without having to load a new page or tab.

They will put the focus squarely back on what is important: letting you get your work done without forcing you to wrestle with the interface. You can get your work done, be it sales, projects, contacts, or support, on just one page.

You can check out each of the Leads Workspace’s three sections below. Please note that these videos feature footage from the live internal alpha version.

Leads Workspace

The main Leads Workspace lets you quickly switch between leads and any attached items and view the data you need to see without having to open a new tab or window. You can concentrate on closing a lead instead of having to hunt down in which tab you opened it.

A sales agent for a digital marketing firm can, for example, hop on a call with a potential customer and have all the previous work they’ve done for that lead a single click away — from back and forth emails, internal discussions, old support cases, and timesheets to any products they may have purchased in the past.

Sales Pipeline

The sales pipeline gives you a graphical overview of the current state of all your leads. The upcoming redesign makes better use of valuable screen real estate and lets you drill down into specific leads even quicker.

You can filter leads according to sales process and employee. The Pipeline lets you quickly see which leads need more attention and which ones are about to be closed; you can better manage the sales process and maximize your sales efforts.

Custom Views

With Custom Views, you can quickly create filtered and grouped lists of whichever leads are important to you. You can slice, dice, and filter your data six ways from Sunday and save custom filters for instant access.

A digital marketing firm can, for example, filter for all currently active leads interested in SEO services, were created in the past five days, and are tagged high priority. Custom Views lets you create a list of potential customers on which you can focus, on demand.

For more in-depth information, make sure to read our earlier post on how lead management works in the upcoming Leads Workspace.

Comments? Suggestions? Share your thoughts with the community below.

  • Ross Hendy

    Hi there – these videos are impressive. I particularly like how the interface feels fresh and vibrant, an improvement on the current greyish interface. I am also looking forward to the new custom-view tools. And, I am hoping that we will have the new interface rolled out soon … the wait has been too long coming!

    • Ross Hendy

      So returning to the an earlier post … I see that a year on we are still waiting for the new interface. What’s the holdup?

  • Cyntia Larrieu

    My favorite upcoming upgrade feature will be the sales pipeline. I like the fact that we will be able to filter it by sales process or employee. It will be a gain of time when reporting. I also appreciate to have more custom options. For the future, I would love to be able to pull up a map and see the customers at xx miles from me.

  • Very impressive layout. Lead management is the engine room, so being able to manage this from one screen productively will benefit us greatly. Looking forward to using it!

  • Donna Grindle

    The interface looks so much more efficient! I love all the videos you have shared on the new look and feel. It makes me feel inefficient while I am working today, though. Each module has been well thought out and the full screen tools are a very nice approach. Looking forward to using the new WORKetc!

  • I’m liking the new interface. Especially nice is how quickly everything seems to load. Hopefully that’ll be the case for everything and not just the demo videos! 😛 Keep up the good work.

  • Brittany McClure Thompson

    I love the new look and feel that everything has taken on. It makes a difference when looking at a new clean window with color coordination! This leads piece just seems like the next natural evolution for Work Etc.’s word domination plan! Well done guys!

  • Mark Osmond

    A truly dynamic UI that draws you into the activities that produce results.

  • The new interface looks great – much more modern and up to date. I’m wondering if there is going to be an ability to sort chronologically and make that appear on the Dashboard sorted by date.
    looking forward to the update asap.

  • Karen S

    I am looking forward to the roll out of the new Workspaces. I like the look and feel of the space. I have more information at my finger tips thus more productivity

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