This is our new site. Welcome.

We have just launched our new site, new brand positioning.  Plus, find out how to get an awesome Explainer video produced for under $1500.

We are so out-of-sync with our product direction and marketing.  Last year we launched version 4.0 of WORK[etc] – complete with a new interface and enterprise-like features.  But it has taken until now to get our new branding and purchase options updated and live.

It didn’t help that our first web developer decided halfway through the project that it was too challenging for him, or that I was so caught up in new product development that it took me months to simplify down the content.  I am now a true convert to the theory that making something complex is easy, but to take something complex and reduce it right down to a few key concepts takes genius and perspiration. A whole lot of perspiration.

“Simple can be harder than complex: You have to work hard to get your thinking clean to make it simple. But it’s worth it in the end because once you get there, you can move mountains”
– Steve Jobs

Steve – you had better be right on this because we have our own mountains to move…

 Please everyone know that this new web site didn’t slow down our product development team; we intentionally outsourced web work to keep the business focused on upcoming features; mostly social media CRM and some huge performance improvements.  More on this later in the week.

Boost Your Marketing with an Awesome Explainer Video

WORK[etc]  is going through a bit of an identify crisis.  It is a “business management platform” but really no one uses that term.

It is more Cloud CRM, but it is also project management, collaboration, billing and a whole lot more.  It is closer in function to a Salesforce or a Netsuite, but it is not a direct competitor – some of our customers use both WORK[etc] and one of these other platforms.

So, we need to be really smart about how we communicate what WORK[etc] is.   Again reducing the complexity and extensibility of business management into a few key concepts.  Take a look here:


Amazingly we got this video animated and produced for $2000 (including a $500 unlimited revisions add-on).  Amazing because of the quality and turn around time when other vendors were all quoting closer to $10k.

Like, Tweet, Plusone and leave a comment below if you want an introduction to our animation guys.

  • chs

    who is the vendor you used for the video?

    impatiently awaiting the updates

  • Jon Pawley

    Dan, that’s a great video! I love the “removing of the barriers between teams” metaphor. And the “management in space” idea! Congrats!

  • Qoppa Ltd

    HI Dan – Liked, Tweeted, Plus One’d – Even LinkedIned! Please let me know who did the video for you! Thanks and keep up the great work – not sure how we’d manage without Work(etc)!

  • Scott Moore

    Would love to know how to get a video for that price….

  • Bryan

    I would also like to know who created that video for that price. We are busy getting one made that will be a similar type of video but a hell of a lot more expensive. about R70000.00 or $7000.00

  • Adam Deane

    Definitely interested in the introduction please!

    • With you now Adam.

      • Adam Deane

        Thanks Daniel. I have been following your company for some time now but just dont have the right business to warrant your software (Ip currently own a gym). However, all the improvements you have made make me want to go out and buy a consulting business just so I can use your software. Well done on some great software.

  • Intelligent Contacts

    Love it. Please set up an introduction.

  • Chris Clarke

    Please send contact details for the animation guys, very good.

  • Gary

    Hi Dan, Can you send me the details to? Cheers

  • Saravana Kumar

    Hi Daniel, can you please send me the details.

  • Tamer

    Can we please get the name of the company that produced this video Dan?

  • Jag@Wess

    Hi Dan – great job with the brand positioning, and yes please – would love an intro to the guys who did your video!

  • Robert W. Bowles

    Great stuff-congrats, it has been great to see this product evolve….

    • Hi Robert – thank you also for being one of our longest (and most active!) customers.

  • Jdobbins

    Please let me know who did the video, good stuff.

  • Michael

    Hi Dan–would love to hear who got that video done for you. Many congrats on the new site/brand positioning.

  • William Mullane

    Love it Dan. After 3 years of searching and testing,WORKetc is proving to be just what we were looking for; not just a CRM but a business management system. We have just begun our journey but are excited about the possibities. You are on the right track. Keep it going.

    • Thanks William – let me know how you get on, we are definitely seeing a shift with smart businesses looking for more than just CRM now.

  • Samuel

    I’ve been so ingrained in other software that I’ve had to get my trial “extended” because I just haven’t given it the proper look. I fully intend to look at it and test it out and such – so thanks for not casting me aside after the initial trial.

    And, who did the video? 🙂

  • Jake Kushner

    Hey Dan,
    The clip looks great, I’d love the contact as well!


  • Trubelo

    Want to learn more about the explainer videos.

  • Brilliant! Congrats …

  • ulrich

    Hello Daniel, would love to more about your animation guys! Congrats about your new website, it’s always a challenge to explain something that isn’t quite like what’s already existing.

  • Reza Pourkhomami

    Hi Dan,

    Video and new site look great! I am working on a project that has similar obstacles ($10k proposals from NYC creative agencies). I would love to speak with your animation team.

    Although still in the early stages on our evaluation, we love WORKetc.

    • Yeah – we had the same $10k quotes… and I’d argue what we’ve ended up with is probably as good as a $10k job. Details on your email.

  • John Belchamber

    Great work.
    Loving the new site and can’t wait to get my hands on the new Social features.
    Onwards & Upwards!

  • Thanks all – everyone that asked for the details has received them in their email. Closing this thread off now as we’ve reached out limit.

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