New WORK[etc] iPhone App Beta Now Available

WORK[etc]’s iOS CRM app is now finally ready for beta testing. Before you dive into the app, though, how exactly does it differ from last year’s release? Find out what it lets you do with this walkthrough post.


New vs Old Mobile CRM

One of the major changes we’ve made is the new dashboard, which has actually changed further compared to the one we last showed off. Once you log on to the app, you’ll see a bunch of icons that let you create new items – Contacts, Projects, Timesheets, Discussions, Expenses, Support Cases, and more.

Users of the current version will probably recognize some of the icons, although as you can see we’ve ditched the big block icons for a cleaner and more intuitive flat user interface that gives you more information at a glance. You’ll also notice that these new icons are the same as the ones we’re adding to the web app’s upcoming new UI.

Below the icons, you can see a list of upcoming events for today, this week, and next week. Scroll down a bit further and you’re treated to an activity feed containing a list of items you’ve accessed recently.

Tapping on an item on these lists will take you immediately to that item, letting you access anything you need to go back to quickly and easily.


The new version of the WORK[etc] iOS CRM app also lets you create and access a lot of things that were not available in Version 2.

With a single tap, you can create any new item straight from the dashboard. You can also swipe to the right to bring up the main app menu and create new items by tapping the + icons beside them. As an example, here’s how you can quickly create a new task:

Quality CRM for iPhone

Discussions and Expenses are all-new additions. Discussions let you create threaded forum-style posts for internal discussions, cutting down on the amount of email you receive. They can also be used to request responses from specific people to make following up faster and easier.

CRM usability - Replying to discussions

Expenses, meanwhile, can be attached to a project so you can keep track of how much money you’re spending on it. One particularly cool thing about the new iOS app is that you can now take pictures of receipts and attach them to expenses, making documentation that much easier.

iPhone CRM - Adding and Editing Expenses

We’ve also integrated a version of the desktop timer feature found on the web app into the new version of the iOS app. If you create a timesheet, you can choose to either enter time manually or start a timer.

iPhone CRM - New Advanced timer

The ubiquitous + icon that you’ll find on all areas of the app also lets you add any item to the activity stream, which is a running record of everything you’ve ever done with a particular contact, lead, project, or other item.

Whether you’re looking for an old document related to a contact or some old project data associated with one of your older contractors, you’ll find them in those contacts’ activity stream.

If you want to assign a new task to a particular sales lead, for example, you can just tap the + icon then the Task icon while you’re on that sales lead. That will bring up the Task creation screen. If you want to add a sub-project to a project, just tap the + icon then tap Projects. That will create a new project and automatically attach it to the main project.

iPhone CRM - Sub-Project management


As you can see in the above screenshot, the new version will let you enter even more detailed information into the app. In Projects, for example, you can set the billing type, edit custom fields, and more, reflecting almost the same level of control that the web app gives.

It’s all nice and familiar, so if you’ve used the web app you won’t have to struggle with learning how the iOS app works.

iPhone CRM - Leads and Projects

We’ve also upped the amount of detail available on leads. You can view the age of a sales lead, for example. It also shows what stage in the sales process the lead is at (by default, this goes from Cold to Warm to Hot, but this can be customized to fit your business’s particular sales processes).

All of the fields that you can see on the web app will also be available in Version 3. Tap on any of the contact fields in a sales lead and the app will take you directly to that particular contact record. Need to call a sales lead quickly? Just tap the phone number and your iPhone will immediately start dialing.


Swiping isn’t just used to get to the different areas and sections of the app. While you’re on the contact list, for example, you can swipe left on a contact record to bring up a menu that lets you quickly edit, call, or email that contact.

Again on the contact list, you can also search for contacts and filter the list by swiping left. Of course, you can also search for contacts in the main menu’s global search box.

iPhone CRM - Contact management

When you look at a contact record, tapping the arrows on screen will take you through the different sections of that contact record. The Details section, which contains general contact info such as addresses and phone numbers, is the first thing you’ll see.

Right after that is the Custom Fields section. Custom fields allow you to create custom forms, text boxes, drop down menus, label lists, file/image uploaders, and more to collect data more relevant to your business.

Let’s say your company sells and services office water coolers. To make sure your team has all the information they need, you can create a custom field group called Opportunity Profile using the following custom field types:

  • Product List – lets you enter the type of water cooler that lead currently has
  • Date Picker – lets you enter the date the lead indicated they’re looking for a new supplier
  • Labels – lets you designate what industry the lead works in or how high their water consumption is
  • Number Field – lets you enter the number of salespeople you have covering the lead’s location

Here’s a comparison of how custom fields look on the web app and on the new version of the WORK[etc] iOS app:

iPhone CRM - Custom Fields

The Custom Fields section is one of the biggest additions to the app. While you can’t create new ones on your iOS device, when you edit a contact record you can now edit and update any of the custom fields.

So When’s It coming out?

We know you’ve been waiting to try the new WORK[etc] iOS CRM app, so we’re glad to announce that our beta testing phase starts today.

To be one of the first users to try the new app, log on to Insiders and complete our iOS Beta Challenge. We’ll be inviting 10 people who completed the challenge every few days until we reach our max target of 50 beta testers.

Not a member of Insiders yet? Go join now!

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