WORK[etc] Named Google Cloud Authorized Technology Partner with CRM, Projects & Support Platform

Today, WORK[etc] has become one of the first Google Cloud Authorized Technology Partners.  Google will help WORK[etc] design richer product integrations with G Suite services, in turn providing more added value for our customers.

G Suite on WORKetc

Deep integration with the powerful Google Cloud (G Suite) suite of business tools has long been one of the hallmarks of WORK[etc]. This seamless integration gives WORK[etc] users access to the system’s business management and CRM tools without leaving G Suite and vice versa.

Today, WORK[etc] has become one of the first Google Cloud Authorized Technology Partners.  Google will help WORK[etc] design richer product integrations with G Suite services, in turn providing more added value for our customers.

“WORK[etc] built the first version of our CRM widget for Gmail for G Suite over two years ago and from that we launched integration with Google Drive and Synchronization with Google Contacts,” said Daniel Barnett, CEO of WORK[etc].

“The fact that WORK[etc] customers have publicly written over 200 five-star reviews on the G Suite Marketplace just shows how valued the two products working together is.  Being one of the first G Suite Authorized Technology Partners means we can continue to build better integrated business management solutions and provide our customers with a better G Suite experience, from on-boarding through to helping them build better businesses.”

WORK[etc]’s support for G Suite has already helped a number of our valued users pave the way towards company growth. National forensic due diligence firm Bluewater Transaction Advisors leveraged the system to streamline their business processes, providing the foundation for the company to essentially double their business.

Bluewater founder and executive director Robert W. Bowles singles out the interplay between WORK[etc] and Google Drive as one of the most useful weapons they’ve added to their arsenal.

“With the custom fields in WORK[etc], we can link Google Drive files into fields in WORK[etc]. Our employees go to one place and have links to exactly what files they need in Google Drive for the current project,” said Bowles. “For us, that’s a huge benefit, something I would recommend to any small business doing something similar to what we are doing.”

Linking Google Drive to WORK[etc] to access, upload, and attach files and documents is but one aspect of the system’s G Suite integration. With it, users can also:

  • Sync Google Calendar with WORK[etc]’s calendar – great for getting project deadlines or sales events on your mobile calendars.

  • Use the Gmail widget to turn any email into a new sales lead, update a project, assign a support case or create a new invoice sale.

  • Sync contacts between WORK[etc] and Google Contacts, creating simple rules to identify personal contacts versus business contacts.

WORK[etc] will continue to build on its new status as G Suite Authorized Technology Partner with the release of its Version 5 Business Management Platform for G Suite, Chrome, and Android devices in 2014.

Read more on WORK[etc] for G Suite.

Do you use G Suite in your business?  If so, we’d love to hear your thoughts on the platform.  Top comments will be retweeted and shared on Google+!

  • Thomas Lawler

    We love using Work[etc.] & G Suite integration. It’s made collaboration and version control a snap. Couldn’t imagine life without it!

    • Tony Tsicouris

      I couldn’t agree more!^

  • David Jones

    Its a one stop shop, great product

  • Jonathan Hickman

    Our primary web browser for our company is Google Chrome. Because everyone in our company uses it, we can use apps and plugins designed for it specifically. Because Work[Etc] focuses on making a great product for Chrome instead of trying to support every browser in existence, the product is better than it may be otherwise if their attention was divided. My only complaint about using Google as a platform choice, though, is the recent decision by Google to ban apps and plugins for the Chrome browser that did not originate on the Google Chrome Store. I believe it is a good idea to make it difficult for people to install plugins that do not originate from there, but power users should have the ability to remove the ban from their browsers. Anyway, enough of my rant. Keep up the good work Work[Etc] team!

    • Its’ a fair rant! We went through all sorts of hoops and hurdles to keep upgrade WORK[etc] to the new G Suite API’s and be named a “G Suite Authorized Technology Partner” and somewhat selfishly we did benefit from some indirect-competitors products suddenly stop working. The “closed” platform is the same as iTunes store, except with that comes the frustration of waiting days/weeks for releases and updates to be approved.

  • While we used to be Firefox fans here at English Garden Group – chrome is now easily superior and our browser of choice – so good Google integration is essential. Although I haven’t quite come over to using Gmail yet, the WETC Google drive integration is great. And with the ability to sync calendars over to google users and then sync those calendars through google to other users within our company that do not (yet!) use WETC – thats also fantastic. This calendar and contact integration is probably what I find best at the moment. Pending the overhaul of the app (when is WETC 2.0 coming Dan?) integration of the WETC calendar into my iphone calendar through google is a life saver and a great tool.

    • WETC 2.0 which is actually WETC 5.0 is coming this year. More updates soon!

  • Fantastic! This just furthers the importance of WorkETC as it continues to grow! Though I still default to using’s Apple’s built in Apps, we use G Suite and I find more and more value in using Chrome and it’s apps to quickly access the tools we use. The more tightly integrated and improved the WorkETC/G Suite partnership is the more likely I am to continue to drift further into the G Suite domain. Keep up the good work!

  • Michael

    Congratulations WORK[etc]! We are using only a part of the integrations but the Google Drive seems very interesting. We will look into that next. Still waiting for company buy in to convert to G Suite and Gmail. Great Post!

  • Brittany McClure Thompson

    Love all of it! You guys are amazing! Thanks for all the hard work you do to make us great!

  • Steven Kennedy

    I love what you guys did we use google for our emails and makes it so much easier to attach items from emails.

  • David McGarry

    Chrome + Work[Etc] = Sleek solution for our business processes. We are not using all the features yet but hopefully the new updates will change that. I like the two-way contact syncing.. keep up the great work!

  • Michal Brenneman Wahli

    The calendar, Gmail app for creating tasks, etc., and the contact syncing have all been HUGE assets for us. I love that two of my favorite work products (Worketc and Gmail) are in a relationship together, and it’s fun to see how Worketc. is growing up just enough ahead of us, that you’re always prepared to help with our next growing pains.

  • We are a Google Cloud shop and do our best to make full use of Google/WORKetc integration. I picked up a new Chromebook on a $130 Groupon and easily work in Google & WORKetc on that device. We gave WORKetc a try because of those 5 star reviews on Google and have not been disappointed. We are looking forward to more big things as WORKetc works more closely with Google.

  • Well below Jonathan Hickman is one of my co-workers, We use work[etc] 24/7, but having the google apps will be nice since i too use chrome as my main browser. We have to do testing in all browsers in are line of work but making free google chrome apps to what work[etc] just that more ahead of other CRMs is great!

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