Download the New WORK[etc] Android App Now

After two months of thorough testing, we're proud to announce that the new and improved WORK[etc] app for Android is now out on Google Play. Read on for a brief rundown of the optimizations and improvements we've made during the course of the beta and check out a video preview of the app in action.

The New WORK[etc] Android App in ActionIntroducing the new WORK[etc] app for Android. Click to play video.

Roll out the red carpet — the new WORK[etc] Android app is officially out of beta and is now available on Google Play! The performance improvements and optimizations implemented by our dev team have made the app faster and more reliable, giving users a much smoother mobile crm experience.

Kudos to all the WORK[etc] Insiders who participated in the beta testing phase. Without your help, it would have taken us way longer to spot, squash, and fix the bugs and issues you reported.

A special shoutout goes to Mark Van Ree of AccsysIT for alerting us to an issue with the tasks module that was only happening on phones running the Android Lollipop OS. Lollipop was released while the app was still deep within the testing phase, so getting that issue cleared up prior to rollout was a big help.

It wasn’t just bugs, either. Thanks to our testers, our Android dev team was able to squeeze more juice out of the app in terms of performance, further optimize UI design and behaviors, and enhance the app’s workflows, among others.

Adam Litke of Lucreati also deserves some extra kudos. Thanks to his feedback, our dev team was able to further improve the activity and discussion streams for all entry types — from contacts and leads to projects and support tickets.

The official release version of the new app includes even more features: you can start and reply to discussions; assign, create, and reply to support tickets; capture pictures of invoices and receipts; quickly create a timesheet from any module; run timers in the background and update them through the Android notifications drop down screen; and a lot more.

Depending on your Google Play settings, all users who have already installed the old app (beta and non-beta testers alike) should have already received an update notification from Google Play (we actually made a stealth release at the end of last week!). If you haven’t installed the app yet, you can download it here.

What do you think of our new Android CRM app so far? Which features are you getting the most use out of right now? Sound off in the comments section below.

  • Branden

    I’ve been using the app in beta and I’ve really enjoyed the experience. My favorite part is the ease of adding timesheets. That, and the fact that it just looks better than it used to.

    • Steve Westrop | WORK[etc]

      Thanks Branden – appreciate the feedback!

  • tekrescue

    I really like the app. We are a mobile first company. If I can’t do it from my mobile, we don’t want the software. This app is a huge step in the right direction.

  • Steve Westrop | WORK[etc]

    The only person to criticise the new app so far is my wife! I can now reply to Support Tickets and Discussions so easily while out and about 😉

  • I’ve been using the beta app ever since I heard it had a timer function that can be paused and saved as a time sheet when completed. The new feature makes it so much simpler to track work while on the go. It’s so useful I’ve used it in conjunction with the web portal. I can’t wait for the timer feature to be added to the web portal.

  • Easy to use while on the go….Timesheet function I see being very useful and user friendly.

  • I agree the timer function will work well with our hourly employees.

  • Christina Fowinkle

    MUCH Better. This is what I’ve been waiting for years! I’m finding a few bugs here and there, but overall I like the open flexibility and features that the previous mobile app was lacking. Very clean design, and easy to navigate. Way to go, WorkETC team!

  • David Jones

    Very nice, thanks for the continued improvement. We have some employees with Android phones that are going to love this release. The new iOS version was very well received and I know this will be also. My personal favorite feature is being able to create a expense and attach a receipt right from my phone. Saves me so much time. Thanks!

  • Great work! Love that is has a nice feature parity to the iOS app. While I am primarily an iOS user, I have been using the G Suite suite on my iPhone and can see how using an android for work is still ahead of iOS at the moment. Keep up the beautiful work! Love the UI

  • David McGarry

    I’ve been relying on the android app for a while now as I so often forget to submit my timesheets and we have now set up a WorkEtc ‘WorkBot’ that auto emails staff if they don’t enter their times for the day! I still haven’t used the timer function yet, even though I keep meaning to do so! My only quarm (considering there have been so many improvements) is that sometimes it can be a little slow to retrieve data. Otherwise very happy with the updates, kudos to the devs.

  • This is a good improvement over the previous one. I really enjoy working on my tablet now with WorkEtc. I’m happy with the time sheet function. It can be a little slow – but honestly that could be my device. It’s very convenient however when away from my office. thanks so much!

  • Ryan Barron

    The new apps is great, but we don’t have signatures when replying to cases. How is the client to know who sent it?

  • ChristopheJ

    I like that I can follow (create, view, edit) Support tickets from my mobile – I thus always have a second screen on hand.
    I found some minor glitches (an entry stuck in notifications bar, restart needed because data not loading) which I’m confident you’ll fix. Keep up the good work!

  • I have used the app on my iPhone, I currently don’t have an Android phone. But when im using the app on my iphone, its almost just like being able to work off my computer. It’s great for when something comes up and i’m not by a computer the app lets me do just about everything i would need to do if i was at my computer. reply to help tickets, reply to clients, edit projects & timesheet, etc. It wrks great for me when i have to use it.

  • Mandy Morris

    I have an iPhone and use the iPhone app which I love the convenience. The Android app will make my fellow co-workers/Android users more productive when entering their time and accessing contacts and projects. I’m hopeful that now everyone in the office now has access to the app their are no excuses for not entering time!

  • Downloaded the app for an iphone today. I was amazed at how fast the learning curve to use the app was. Really no directions needed to figure out how to navigate the app, was able to just surf away! First thing I did was check my support cases in my queue, and look into updating a client. Took me 5 minutes and I already knew my way around. One other thing great is the color coordination (Support cases red, calendar events yellow, worketc. 😉 ) I could really see using this app down the road, and associating functionality with color. Kind of like, “What if your favorite gatorade?” and you answer “The red one” because you don’t know the name fruit punch. Very well done!

    • Steve Westrop | WORK[etc]

      It’ll be a while before we get Companies to change their processes when creating a Red for Green about their last Blue, but just imagine what it would be like when the web interface has the same color-coding! Aubergine anyone?

  • Thomas Lawler

    We have several employees that have android phones, and I know they were anxiously awaiting the android app update. They were getting a little jealous of the iOS app. Anyway I personally have been using the iOS application for some time, and I know these features will be welcomed with open arms. Like others have said I really like the expense & time tracking features that have been added to the application. Thanks!

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