Hardcore Growth Hacker? You Might Be the Digital Marketing Manager We’re Looking For

Spoiler alert: that's not a picture of some swanky cafe. That's actually the WORKetc headquarters in Sydney—and the place where you'll be working if your fit the criteria for our job posting.

WORKetc Hiring Digital Marketing Manager

See that image above? That’s not a cafe. That’s actually the WORKetc headquarters in Sydney. Now, you might notice that it’s looking kind of empty, and that’s what we want to remedy by hiring our first digital marketing manager. Think you’ve got what it takes to turn WORKetc’s fire into a raging blaze? Read on below or check out our Seek posting.

Why Consider This Opportunity?

  • Light A Fire. Proven product with 6500+ existing users across USA & Australia. Achieved with minimal marketing and no sale. Now its time to pour gasoline on the fire and turn the spark into a blaze.
  • Role Diversity, but Deep Focus. We want you to “own” marketing activities across the business. This means working closely with the serial entrepreneur CEO founder on strategy and then getting to work across a broad range of activities. Go deep by focusing on just one client—WORKetc. Enjoy a micromanagement free zone where execution is everything.
  • Career Making. This is the role that will make you an industry celebrity. You’ll be known as that gal or that guy responsible for the marketing that helped create Australia’s next software “unicorn”.

    We want you to become Australia’s next growth-marketing superstar and know that we’ll celebrate the day you leave us for the international speaking circuit!

  • Talent Rewarded. This is also the role that could set you up for life, or at least give you a huge push. We firmly believe in *generously* rewarding great talent and celebrating results. We don’t do average or mediocre, neither should you. Additionally there is easy scope to participate in employee incentive scheme once initial targets are met.
  • Our People First. We’ve done some amazing things over the years to help our people—because our team comes first. Because we’re a small team we care, we can go out of our way to make things happen.

    Have a voice, be heard and enjoy working from our stunning, Nordic-designed, CBD office with floor to ceiling windows taking in the tree tops of Hyde Park.

  • Duties, Responsibilities. Action, Execution.

    This role is all about driving customer growth. This means hands-on execution of strategies to drive targeted customers to the site, convert those customers to free trials and ultimately to paying customers.

    Inbound Marketing – 70%.

    • Devise, implement, test and refine highly-targeted content marketing strategy including ebooks, off-site blog posts, webinars, EDM and training materials.
    • Plan and execute organic SEO strategies including offsite brand and backlink exposure, competitive analysis and on-page & off-page SEO initiatives.
    • Work closely with integration partners to ensure our product is properly communicated externally and receives priority placement in online marketplaces and similar. Think Add-ons for G Suite Gmail, Xero and Quickbooks.
    • Design, budget and execute on PPC & retargeting campaigns, social media sponsorship and offsite placements.
    • Religiously document all marketing activities, systems and processes, with a focus on creating checklists, so that repetitive work can assigned to marketing juniors (who you’ll be responsible for hiring).

    Conversion Funnels & Metrics – 15%

    • Design, implement and report on conversion tactics that convert from site visitor all the way through to long term customer.
    • Devise product triggers, timely communication, education and training that delivers on successful onboarding outcomes for new customers.
    • Implement an “early warning” process designed to pro-actively ensure our customers are getting the most benefit from the product and if not, trigger customer support interventions that reduce churn away.
    • Own responsibility for company-wide success metrics, designing both a new reporting system, analysing results and communicating across all levels of the business (including key customers too!).

    Community Management – 10%

    • Interact with our community of highly evangelical and often very vocal key customers via our support forums, feature suggestion platform and product blog.
    • Manage our unique “Insiders” community platform through creating tasks and challenges that motivate our customers to help promote WORKetc and allows us a direct channel to listen to what is important to our customers.

    Outside of the Box – 5%
    We don’t have the multi-million dollar advertising budget to compete with the massive corporations in our industry, so the only way we’ll be successful is by being different. By thinking outside of the box, by innovating, experimenting and trying the things that aren’t yet on everyone else’s radar. To be successful in this role you need to dedicate time every weeks to researching, unstructured thinking and experimenting … because who knows where this might lead.

    The Ideal Candidate …

    • … is entrepreneurial, has initiative and seriously driven. This is first on the list here for a reason – we’re a startup with a small, dedicated and highly motivated team. We need you to drive your own ship here. We’re not interested in people who just want a job. We’re looking for career makers here, who can work independently and are driven by success metrics.
    • … knows that metrics drive everything. This is a metrics-driven business. At the end of the day success comes from just three numbers – conversion rate, retention rate, average revenue per customer and cost of acquisition. Everything else falls out of these numbers.

      The ideal candidate is a *numbers-driven marketer* with experience and first-hand appreciation of just how critical metrics are for a software-as-a-service business.

      You’ll need to be adept at subscription analytics, reporting metrics and importantly interpreting, analysing and communicating outcomes.

    • … gets their hands dirty. Straight up this is a 100% hands-on role. For us rapid execution is everything. We don’t have time (or patience) for long meetings and power point presentations. We don’t have the luxury of running focus groups and creating mood boards.

      We need action, we need momentum, we need people pulling up their sleaves and diving into getting work and delivering on results. And for sure we’re going to make mistakes. But lets make those mistakes quickly and move on!

      You might not be a WordPress expert or have a degree in the Adobe 😛 but you know your way around products like these to get quick ‘n easy jobs done. Importantly you know your own limitations here and when a task does require expert production.

    Skills & Experience.

    Unfortunately we need experience in this first marketing role. We don’t know, what we don’t know here and need to be hiring someone who has already learnt from the same mistakes we’d otherwise be about to make!

    • Strong communications skills with the ability to write near-perfect English first time, every time. You’ll be responsible to creating, editing or reviewing a wide range of content types and styles and so the ability to take complex or detailed information and distil down to clear and concise content is just so critical to the role.
    • 5+ years working in a digital marketing capacity at either an established digital agency or B2B-focused in-house team. This is a full time employed role and we are unable to consider freelancers or contractors, we need passion and dedication.
    • Proven track record of planning, building and managing successful organic seo, paid placement, retargeting, social campaigns utilising a range of media. This subject matter will form the basis of initial meetup / interview so be prepared to discuss results!
    • Ability to self-manage, focus and just get done and get the job done, working within (and around) the usual startup constraints!

    Other Considerations

  • The role is based in Australia, Sydney CBD. Hours will become flexible and work-from-home potential after successful initial probation period.
  • For the right candidate, with unique SaaS marketing experience, we are prepared to offer 457 sponsorship. You must be in Sydney or prepared to travel for face-to-face interview.
  • When applying, please include a cover letter and simply list the top 5 bullet points explaining why you are a good match for the role. This goes a very long way to helping us quickly separate the stand-outs from the mediocres!

TL;DR: SaaS startup with 6500 customers is hiring its first digital marketing manager who has a metrics-focus and 5+ years SEO, SEM and B2B Content experience. Career-making opportunity with standout package working alongside great people in a very pretty Sydney CBD location!

If you fit all of the criteria above and want to work in an environment that not only doesn’t stifle creativity but actively encourages it, don’t hesitate to apply now via Seek.

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