WORK[etc] Success Stories 2013

The fact that people like you rely on WORK[etc] to help manage your business matters more to us than any award, and being able to contribute to our customers’ success makes all of our hard work worth it.

Back in December, WORK[etc] announced that we ranked #75 in the Deloitte Technology Fast500 Asia Pacific 2013.

We’re extremely proud of everything we’ve achieved over the last five years, and being ranked among the fastest growing technology companies in the Asia-Pacific is a huge accomplishment for our team.

But it wasn’t the most important thing that happened last year; you were.

Let’s take a look at what really matters — our customers — and recognize some of your biggest achievements in the last year:

Engineering firm gets 150 percent Moore sales!

In 2013, Moore Engineering shifted their agency into high gear; after bringing in more than twice as much revenue than last year, the firm posted their first profit — and Scott Moore, company founder, is getting plenty revved up for next year thanks to a well-deserved new car, which should help him keep up with his newfound success!

“WORK[etc] helped us keep everything in one place and allowed us to look bigger and more professional through the use of a client login on our homepage and that resulted in increased sales. I’ve finally been able to buy a new car!”

Scott Moore,
President of Moore Engineering Services

Eagle Vision Property Sinks Talons Into Biggest Project Yet!

Stan Zaslavsky, Founder of Eagle Vision Property, and his team are flying high into 2014; after securing their biggest project yet, Australia’s premiere property visualization specialists spread their wings and soared to the top of their industry, posting record-breaking revenue last year.

“WORK[etc] allowed us to access all the project information online. We could manage resources and proactively predict any potential delays in production. It also provided our clients with an easy-to-follow way of tracking the project’s progress.”

Stan Zaslavsky,
Founder of Eagle Vision Property

Nobilito Grows

Pierre-Yves Loaec, CEO of Nobilito, and his French consultancy show businesses how to communicate effectively and use the art of persuasion to achieve their goals; they made a convincing case for their services last year, considering Nobilito doubled their revenue and number of employees for the second consecutive year!

“WORK[etc] is the umbilical cord that keeps our business together as we work throughout France and abroad. With linked projects and billing we are able to optimize our operating margins on client projects and follow up any outstanding accounts.”

Pierre-Yves Loaec,
CEO of Nobilito

CWS Ranked Among Top 100 Businesses in the United States

Alan DeKeyrel and his team relied on WORK[etc] to keep him and 20 employees in sync with more than 500 customers; coupled with their high-quality web design, development and marketing services, it’s no wonder the Chamber of Commerce ranked them one of the top 100 businesses in the United States!

“Without WORK[etc] we wouldn’t be able to manage the daily influx of client requests and ongoing projects. WORK[etc] literally keeps our 500 plus clients and 20 employees in sync.”

Alan De Keyrel,
President of CWS Inc

RoundTable Technology Is Far From Medieval!

Joshua Pesay, Vice President of RoundTable Technology, launched a curveball toward the professional services industry with the launch of his rapidly-growing company; over 100 non-profit organizations and small-to-medium sized businesses are working with RoundTable Technology to springboard into the future!

“WORK[etc] has helped us drive growth by providing a single platform to handle our ticketing, project management and invoicing. The more we can streamline our back-office processes, the more value we can deliver to our clients.”

Joshua Peskay,
Vice-President of RoundTable Technology

Virtual Resort Manager Uses WORK[etc] to Remain Stress-free!

Joshua McClure, Web Developer at VRM, uses WORK[etc] to ensure that he can access what he needs, when he needs it; in some ways, it’s so convenient and easy, you might even call it a virtual vacation! Thanks to VRM’s huge increase in productivity and efficiency, they were recently invited to speak at the National Vacation Rental Managers Association Conference!

“WORK[etc]’s project template feature enabled us to accurately track all of our billable hours and see where we were losing money in projects. This then allowed us to plug the holes!”

Brittany Thompson,
Manager of Social Media at Virtual Resort Manager

Mieke van Son, CEO of Virtual Assistants USA, Enjoys Real Success from Running a Virtual Business!

In less than a year, Virtual Assistants USA has grown by 500 percent; working from home is becoming more common, and Miek van Son is using WORK[etc] to make sure that his company can keep growing at record pace!

“We’re preparing to hire new people and we signed up to WORK[etc] to streamline our business tasks and service our clients through the customer portal.”

Mieke van Son,
CEO of Virtual Assistants USA

Have a 2013 Success Story of your own? Share it with us in the comments!


John Belchamber
Monday 13, Jan 2014 4:17 AM

Congratulations to these businesses and WORKetc. Another great year ahead of us all in 2014!

Allen Bayless
Monday 20, Jan 2014 2:35 PM

Great success stories! Wishing everyone who uses WorkETC a great year in 2014.

Michael Hill
Tuesday 21, Jan 2014 6:05 PM

This is a nice post. It’s good to see the success and be a part of it as well. Good Job to eveyone!!

Brittany McClure Thompson
Wednesday 22, Jan 2014 7:53 PM

The staff of VRM are huge fans of Work etc.! Thanks for the shout out guys! Keep being awesome!

Kathryn Gonzales
Monday 3, Feb 2014 5:37 AM

It’s so inspiring to hear from other small businesses about their success with WORKetc.

At The Lone Star Diva & Co. we did a lot of strategic work in 2013 to determine, besides what business management software to use, what services we wanted to offer to our clients.

Now that we’ve got a clear idea of what we hope to offer, we’re working to customize WORKetc to fit our needs as a boutique consultancy. So far, clients are raving about the system.

Hopefully, this time next year we’ll be featured as another WORKetc success story!

Jonathan Hickman
Monday 10, Feb 2014 5:42 PM

As an employee of VRM, I can certainly vouch for the productivity increases we have seen by using WorkEtc. Our old system could not compare to the features available with WorkEtc, and billable projects are much easier to manage.

Saturday 15, Feb 2014 9:36 AM

2013 was our best year yet! 2014 will present some unique challenges that will be created by growing the business even further. I’m very pleased with the decision we made over a year ago to go with WORKetc!

William Mullane
Wednesday 14, May 2014 3:26 PM

TechHelp – Idaho’s Manufacturing Extension Partner – made huge strides in 2013 towards creating a new business management system built on G Suite and WORKetc. After trying and testing every CRM available, finding WORKetc was Nirvana. We learned that we’d really been looking for an effective & affordable end to end business management system. We built a solid foundation in 2013 and are poised to lead our team of consultants into the promised land.

One notable accomplishment for our team was building “Request for Service Web Forms” in WORKetc that are linked on our home page. Completing a form adds that client to our database and triggers a lead that is automatically assigned to the proper specialist. The forms collect information that helps our specialists evaluate the lead and assign the proper resources. In the few months we’ve been doing this, we have brought in 40 new leads to our New Product Development Lab and 10 to our Manufacturing consultancy.

Thomas Lawler
Monday 2, Jun 2014 3:53 PM

Kudos to all of these business making great strides in 2013!

Tony T
Wednesday 4, Jun 2014 11:57 PM

Great work! Always great to see a product you use continue to grow and strive to be the best.

David Jones
Thursday 19, Jun 2014 1:57 AM

Innovate or die, great job.

Steven Kennedy
Thursday 17, Jul 2014 1:29 PM

Wave of the future!!!!

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