Top 4 WORKetc App Integrations, As Picked by Real Users

Just like how we don’t force WORKetc users into having only one processes or workflow, we’ve also built in some powerful integrations into the app that lets users have full control over their own specific app ecosystems. Here are the top WORKetc integrations, as chosen by real WORKetc users.

WORKetc Top App Integrations

There’s not a lot WORKetc can’t do when it comes to managing a small business, what with its built-in CRM, project management, billing, timesheets, and customer support modules.

It’s an entire business management ecosystem unto itself without even plugging in any additional third-party apps.

We do recognize, however, that some businesses have their own app setups that work for them, and just like how we don’t force WORKetc users into having only one processes or workflow, we’ve also built in some powerful integrations into the app that lets users have full control over their own specific app ecosystems.

We’re always looking to improve these integrations and make them do more for less effort, and so recently we polled our top WORKetc Insiders members to get an inside look at which integrations are being used the most by real WORKetc users and how they’ve helped them run their businesses more effectively and more efficiently.

Here’s what we found.

#1. Gmail

Turn any email into a new contact, assign a new sales lead, update a project—you can do all of these and more without even leaving your email inbox with the WORKetc Gmail gadget.

Unsurprisingly, the ability to manage an entire business from right within Gmail proved to be the most popular integration we have. Here’s what they had to say about it:

In the event that an email is outside of our usual ticketing scope, I’m able to fashion the content of the message into something workable within our support environment. – Cody Howard, Peak Performance Solutions
We can connect emails in our Gmail inbox to the activity stream in the communication in WORKetc; it makes tracking progress a lot more effective. – Stan Zaslavsky, Eagle Vision
I never have to leave my email and I’m still able to document everything plus do my time for work done. – Donna Grindle, Kardon Group
The ability to attach relevant communications to a project/ticket/contact and then immediately jump to that project/ticket/contact has saved us a lot of time, both in efficiency and removing opportunities for miscommunication. – Peter Freeman, Woof Media

#2. Outlook

WORKetc Outlook add-in

Similar to the Gmail gadget, the WORKetc Outlook add-in lets you do everything from creating and assigning contacts and sales leads to updating projects, tasks, and support tickets without leaving your email inbox.

With email’s ever-increasing importance in how small businesses are run these days, we figured that Outlook and Gmail would be neck and neck in the integrations usage race, and we weren’t wrong.

Here’s what our heaviest Outlook integration users had to say about the WORKetc Outlook add-in:

Our office as well as most of our clients exclusively use Outlook for email so the integration with WORKetc helps save time by being there for quick access. If something comes to your attention while you’re reading your email, you can instantly add that information to a new contact or new ticket. – Tim Scheidler, My CU Services LLC
It enables us to store email communications to clients records, easily ensuring all team members can be updated on client progress and any of our employees can assist clients when necessary – Charlotte Baker, Responsible Solutions LTD
I can create support tickets within Outlook. Makes that step much faster. – Celina Garcia, tekRESCUE

#3. G Suite

With WORKetc’s G Suite integration, you can access all of your Google Drive files from inside WORKetc, transfer and sync contacts through our two-way Google Contacts sync and conflict resolution tool, and stay on top of all your important appointments and events with our Google Calendar sync.

Gmail is, of course, part and parcel of Google’s larger G Suite offering, but even without including Gmail in the mix, a lot of our users chose the other G Suite integration features as their most used integrations.

More of our corporate workers are moving across the country joining a remote workforce that makes up almost 50% of our corporate workers. In this landscape, it is vitally important that we have online access to all documents, projects, etc. 24/7 to accommodate clients across all time zones. Prior to WORKetc, we were already utilizing the G Suite of products to increase efficiency and communication to choosing a project management system with strong integration was a non-negotiable. – Melissa Bailey, Wound Care Advantage
It is great to have our knowledge base in google drive, and an easy repository for all documents. One place to look for what we need. – Malissa Fonte, Atcom Technology

#4. QuickBooks Online / Xero Accounting

Our number 4 top integration is actually a toss up between QBO and Xero Accounting; according to the data, it’s basically just a matter of personal preference for our users which one they use.

Both integrations allow you to expand QBO and Xero’s robust accounting features and turn them into complete business management solutions with everything from CRM and project management to customer support.

Invoices created in WORKetc can be synced and pushed through to QBO or Xero, letting you keep track of every single billable dollar that you earn. You can also consolidate invoices and payments in WORKetc and push them through to Xero with just a few clicks, and seamlessly share and sync billable details between WORKetc and QBO as well as automatically sync payments made against WORKetc invoices.

The combination of using timesheets to track daily time and recurring billing and making them flow straight into QBO has created major time (and cost) savings for our business. – David Grace, Abacus Web Services

Which WORKetc integration do you get the most use out of? How has it helped your business? Let us know in the comments section.

  • Outlook is the best for us, mostly because its the only one of the 4 we use at the office! It is very helpful to get support requests right in your email and be able to respond right away. Being able to interact with worketc without leaving your datasource is the best!

  • ChristopheJ

    From the listed apps, we’re using Outlook. The add-in has proven to be useful. The one feature I can’t miss is “Attach to activity”. That way I can link a mail to an existing support ticket.

  • We love the Gmail and Xero integrations – for us those are the most powerful. One thing that could be really useful would be for an email marketing integration with automated journeys – that would really extend the usefulness of the all-in-one CRM. Doing great so far guys!

  • Margaret Mack

    The gmail integration is soooo important, as my company workes entirely through the google platform. Adding the WORKetc widget to my gmail inbox has made tracking emails so easy and fast. I was not aware the whole google g-suite was able to be integrated, as all our documents live there. So that’s great news!!!

  • Keith Klein

    GSuite integration is a must for our business. It’s really a matter of taking advantage of all the interoperability that WorkEtc offers. Just having email and the calander interact is key. Finding time to explore more would help… Thanks.

    Keith Klein

  • Sam Goodwin

    See this is where i need to work on the Xero app. I have it, but find myself tracking in Work Etc and Xero. I really need to look at when I update my WorkEtc that it will transfer to my Xero.

  • tekrescue

    I believe our number one integration is the Outlook integration. I personally do not use Outlook, I use Gmail but our office manager uses Outlook. All of our support requests come into her box on Outlook. Because of the Outlook plugin integration she is able to create a new ticket right there from the email that comes in. The email body will be in the description of the new ticket. Then she just clicks on a couple of lines to make sure it is assigned to the correct company and also assigns it to our it team or web team. It’s such a great integration that saves so much time it’s crazy. I would love to see integration with zapier in the future. There’s so much we could do with that especially with Google Drive.

  • Regan

    We use the outlook widget and it works perfectly.

  • By far the most utilized of these app integrations for our company is the Gmail widget. This keeps communication logged and easily attached to the appropriate clients within the system. Only suggestion for this widget I have is to be able to delete contacts that you do not want the email attached to within WORK[etc].

  • I think this is very important options. Actually, we don’t use it in our company because we don’t use any of these email providers. Also, unforenalty xero and quickbook don’t have offer for my country. I miss these two options, because in that case we’ll have options to track important segment of communication. Hope I’ll use these possibility in future.

  • Christina Le

    My company uses the google platform heavily. I would use the WORKetc within the emails but I was not aware we can create leads and sales logs within the emails. This is big in order to keep track of all our leads. I do email with correspondence for possible leads often, so I am very excited to be able to document the conversations easily.

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