Be Faster, More Efficient, More Effective With Mobile CRM

Businesses have largely embraced the widespread availability of mobile devices, and for good reason. Here's why—and how you can use WORKetc mobile CRM to do the same.

WORKetc Mobile CRM

Tell me quick—how long were you on your mobile phone yesterday? What about the day before yesterday? The day before that?

If we’re going by averages, then the answer would likely be around three hours and 15 minutes. That’s the average amount of time a person spends every day using their mobile device according to numbers crunched by research firm eMarketer.

And just how many people around the world are using mobile devices? Almost 5 billion people, says We Are Social and Hootsuite’s massive Digital in 2017 report.

Businesses have largely embraced the widespread availability of mobile devices. A Cisco study revealed that 69% of IT decision makers in the US feel that the Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) trend is a positive one, and 82% of employees believe that smartphones will prove critical to their productivity.

Are these beliefs well-founded, though? Or are they just wishful thinking? Well, when it comes to mobile CRMs, they’re right on the money.

Here are three reasons why and, more importantly, exactly how a mobile CRM can help your business.

Easy Access to Critical Information

Let’s say you work for a company that does device installs. High-tech HVAC systems, for example. One of your former customers calls in asking for support; their HVAC system just stopped working. Luckily, you have a team out that’s already in the area.

Your field team can just check the support ticket details on the WORKetc mobile app, see the exact specifications of the client’s HVAC device in the custom fields, and be ready to immediately start troubleshooting once they reach the customer.

If the team needs more help, the app also includes a built-in knowledge base that can be updated to include troubleshooting steps for every single HVAC device that you sell and install.

With a mobile CRM, your field team won’t need to call in and get the customer’s details over the phone—or worse, have to drop by your office to get a crib sheet. It saves everybody time—you, your field team, and your customer.

WORKetc Mobile CRM Tablet

Shortened Sales Cycle

Glengarry Glen Ross taught us “ABC”—always be closing. For modern small business, though, “ABC” has evolved into “ABS”—always be selling.

To be able to do that, your sales team should always be ready to make a sale. If they come across a potential client while they’re out of the office, they need to have the tools to make that sale right then and there.

A pen and a piece of paper would work, of course, but these would require that sales agent to run back to the office, enter that prospect’s details in the CRM, and then start working on the lead.

A mobile CRM app lets them start nurturing that new lead immediately. Using the WORKetc app, a sales rep can create a new contact and a new lead, then either assign it to him or herself or put assign it to someone else on the team to nurture.

Long story short, a mobile CRM can drastically shorten the sales cycle. From that first point of contact, your sales team can start working on a new lead ASAP and get closer to their quotas.

And this isn’t just a baseless hypothetical, either. According to research from Innoppl, 65% of sales reps who use mobile CRM successfully achieved their target quotas. Only 22% of the reps not using mobile CRM were able to do the same.

Increased Team Efficiency

Every successful business, big or small, is built on a process-heavy foundation. Whether you run a graphic design agency or a law firm, you need to have solid processes to be able to complete projects on time and within your budget.

With proper use, a mobile CRM can help make your tried and tested processes even more efficient.

Let’s say you own a digital marketing company and you’ve got a new client who wants you to run a marketing campaign for them.

The marketing project for your new client is already setup in WORKetc, and you’re currently in the “Proposal” phase. You’ve just finished meeting with the client to get their thoughts on your company’s proposal.

Your marketing team, meanwhile, is just waiting for you to mark the “Proposal” phase of the project as complete so they can get started on the next step.

As soon as you get the go signal from your client, you can use the WORKetc app to mark the “Proposal” phase as complete. No need to wait until you get back to the office or to spend time composing an email.

You can even set WORKetc the web app to send out an alert whenever a project is updated, so as soon as you mark that phase as complete, your marketing team can immediately start working on the nitty gritty, the nuts and bolts, of your new marketing project.

Fast, clean, efficient—just like how you’d want your business to run.

How do you use the WORKetc mobile app to make your business more efficient? Let us know in the comments section.


Sunday 2, Apr 2017 7:23 PM

Our main uses of the app are the time sheets and the knowledge base. Essentially, the things we need to do our work on the go (and make sure we probably account for that work). It just means we don’t miss out on what we need.

Saturday 15, Apr 2017 11:36 PM

Our main uses of the mobile app are for the CRM and for support tickets. It’s a really handy way to look up customer info when I’m in the road. I can also see what tickets need to be dealt with. The mobile app is a great asset to the worketc ecosystem.

Jaymes Baker
Sunday 30, Apr 2017 10:11 PM

I love the mobile app, it has save me so much grief. There are times that I get stuck in traffic on the way to work, or on my lunch break and I get a support call in. I can easily swap over to the app and start plugging all the information I need into it to create a Support Ticket. The best part is pretty much all of the features you would find on a desktop web browser, is available on the app. If I need to turn around and generate a report on how man calls we have open for that day, bam it’s right there.

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