Alternatives to Salesforce

Alternatives to Salesforce

Salesforce Customers Share A Few Things In Common:

Salesforce’s strength lies in its tools for basic sales functionality and
is useful if the data entry is minimal. People often choose Salesforce for
similar reasons: its popularity, its bells and whistles, and its
credibility. But once a company actually establishes itself using
Salesforce, it often finds itself spending more and more money on basic
features. There are alternatives to Salesforce that have more basic features included.

Common Problems Users Encounter:

  1. User unfriendliness; hours spent on tutorials
  2. Nothing is a click away, the intricacy of the application requires many
    clicks to complete the simplest of tasks
  3. Low storage amounts included in packages, massive fees arise after
    surpassing those limits unknowingly
  4. Inability to search contacts by account name
  5. Lack of full email integration capabilities requiring a third party
  6. No product catalog requiring a third party add-on
  7. Very little customizability without upgrading
  8. Limited multiple currency management
  9. Hidden costs, lengthy contracts
  10. The original cost is double/triple that of most competitors

After signing up for Salesforce, many companies soon realize they also need
a project management and billing application as well business CRM software.
They then have to spend thousands more monthly for these add-on
applications and work out how to integrate with

Alternative to Salesforce

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Alternatives to Salesforce

Customers ultimately wonder why they can’t just find one tool that covers
all three of these features. WORK[etc] does just that. WORK[etc] is a total
business management platform that combines CRM, project management
software, and billing into one smoothly flowing system. Forget about
spending thousands monthly adding new applications and dealing with hidden
costs, WORK[etc] will cover all aspects of your business for a quarter of the

WORK[etc] offers all the basic features of Salesforce but also much

  • Instant conversion of leads into projects/quotes/invoices
  • Simple and easy to use interface with drag and drop web 2.0 features
  • Email marketing – built in
  • Collaborate and share/assign leads
  • Product catalog
  • Locate contacts easily through a variety of ways including tagging
  • Email integration
  • Thousands of customized settings
  • Customer portal access and collaboration
  • No hidden costs
  • Monthly payments, no contracts – leave any time.

Here is what Martin Byrne of Search Engine People from Ontario, Canada had
to say about WORK[etc]:

“We did due diligence with everything
from Salesforce to Zoho CRM and your system was the only affordable, easy
to use system that allowed us to manage business from first call to last
invoice. There are lots of things we wish it could do, but we all want lots
of software to do more. I’ve used a number of SMB Operations systems over
the years (and parts thereof) and this promises to be one of the best
affordable integrated systems I’ve worked with.”

Don’t let your CRM platform nickel and dime you to death. WORK[etc] offers
everything its competitors offer plus more; this comparison chart says it
all. Do not fear the transition, WORK[etc]’s staff will even help you
import your contacts!

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