Online Accounting Software: Xero with Invoicing & Sales

Connect Xero to CRM, Project Management, Time-tracking and more.

WORK[etc] is a powerful, all-in-one business management tool that combines sales management, projects, invoicing, products and more. When you integrate Xero’s online accounting software with WORK[etc] you create your own end-to-end business management systems:

  • Capture all billing in WORK[etc] and send into Xero
  • Sync contacts and products across to Xero
  • Record timesheets, milestones and sales across your business…automatically
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Time-tracking, commissions, expenses, milestones and more

WORK[etc] is the single business management system to manage project milestones, product sales, expenses, time tracking, time and materials and per hour rates for each of your team or work group.  And when you integrate with Xero’s online accounting software all this business-critical data is automatically available to your accounting team.  In real time.

Once setup, the entire system runs automatically with minimal user involvement required to make sure invoices are properly syncing up.

Could it get any easier?

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200 plus 5–star reviews cannot be wrong

“Our firm decided on 2 big changes in 2012. Firstly we got fully up-to-speed with WORK[etc] which we had started on the year before. Secondly we switched to cloud computing software, Xero, discarding our legacy systems. Getting both tool up and running smoothly did take a little bit of time but once we had it going, it just chugged along like magic. There is so much confidence in the system among the team that we’re always recommending the set up to our other customers.

Had we not switched to WORK[etc] and Xero our Company might not now exist.

S. Burrows

Masthead Digital

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