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Web Based CRM Software

Web based CRM software (Customer Relationship Management) is so much easier than it used to be.  Until recently, it was only utilized by very large companies with many corresponding outlets, plants or sub-divisions which needed to be integrated and cross-accessed.  The small or medium company had to rely on dedicated, boxed software that had to be “tweaked” in some way to fit all the other software in your office, or your staff had to waste time with double entries.

The productivity aspect of your company could grow exponentially by using the business software found on the Internet.

However, there are several things to look for when deciding to try web based CRM software that meets your needs:

  • Find a subscription based CRM with a month-to-month fee, with no contract and no set-up fee.  You must have a trial period to see if you like it and you must be able to download your data and take it with you if you don’t like it.  Web based CRM software must allow you to increase your storage capacity and your number of users as your business grows.  Flexibility is a key aspect of the software.
  • Look for one that stores all sales leads, from several venues such as Internet web sites, telephone, e-mail, sales staff and word-of mouth, in a central location.
  • You must be able to access your customer accounts from any Internet site, and also converse with your staff and clients by giving them a special password.  This will allow everyone “to stay on the same page” as the project moves along.
  • Web based CRM software must also include project management, complete marketing, quoting, billing and overhead cost analysis.
  • It should include drag-and-drop calendars, contact management software,  Gantt charts, RSS (Really Simple Syndication) feeds, etc. to help you keep track of projects, meetings, appointments and timelines.
  • A web based CRM system should be adaptable to a one-person business or support a company with many employees.  With a fluctuating economy you are likely to have staff changes that reflect your business profits and may need to downsize from time to time.  Don’t get stuck paying for a set amount of users reflected in your user fees or expensive package set-up.
  • Don’t get talked into a web based “package” that tells you to go to one site for marketing, one site for financial spreadsheets, one site for sales and one site for project management.  All of these should be in a one-click program that combines all activity to give you a complete overview of your business.

You are the leader and if you find a program that allows you to lead instead of spending all your time “putting out fires” when you should be forecasting and thinking of where you want your business to go, you are not doing anyone any favors – not your customers, not your employees and not yourself.  Remember, web based CRM software are not all the same, do your homework, take advantage of the trial period offered by some of the programs and then choose the one that you feel meets your needs.

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