In teleworking, the average CRM is not enough.
You need a total business management solution.
You need WORK[etc].

Manage your entire business from the single cloud CRM solution.

Stay across sales, projects, social, customer support, billing & budgets.

Work with remote staff and keep teams on task and accountable.

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WORK[etc]: More than just another CRM

Thanks to more accessible broadband connections and other advanced technologies, teleworking has become a prime option for businesses seeking to keep pace with today’s fast growing digital landscape. By eliminating the “water cooler effect”, teleworking has been proven to help increase worker productivity and maximize company profits.

A fully teleworking-friendly business needs an efficient way to stay on top of clients, projects, and remote team members. WORK[etc] does this and more by integrating CRM, project management, and billing into a unique platform delivered from the cloud.

Maximize your teleworking profits with WORK[etc]

  • Reduce costs further
    WORK[etc]’s full suite of integrated CRM systems is a more affordable option compared to buying each system piecemeal. Teleworking already reduces costs by eliminating the need for office space, so you get more savings to funnel into making your business grow further.

  • Make sure the team stays on point
    Absolute transparency and a drill down approach to performance means every team member is always accountable. WORK[etc]’s built-in reports and worker accountability systems help make teleworker management and performance monitoring a cinch.

  • Promote business-wide collaboration
    Without the need for physical meetings, your team, contractors, and clients can effortlessly collaborate and brainstorm on projects and deliverables wherever they may be. 

  • Maximize revenue and profits
    Efficiency is paramount. A single system that manages everything from leads and deliverables to quotes and expenses means every billable dollar is captured.

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All-in-one business management from $78/month

5 Stars
“All our information is in one place, accessible day or night. Remote online management of employees is now possible centrally, with seamless scheduling and no need for long-winded telephone conversation”
B. Pate, Web1SEO, Digital Marketing, Florida USA

5 Stars
“… hands down the BEST solution for agencies. Perfect? no, nothing ever is, but damn close. I’ve been telling everyone about it, recommending it to my own clients too.”
C. Sanderson, Commix, Consultants, Colarado USA

5 Stars
” … excellent product and unbelievable customer service. I tried every web app that tackles both CRM and project management but none came close. WORK[etc] is poised to kill Salesforce and Zoho CRM”
V. Edmon, Goose Dog, Web Design, San Francisco, USA

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