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Increasing efficiency within a business is something that all business owners are looking to do. When a business runs efficiently profits are increased and wastage is decreased creating a healthy bottom line for the business.

Anyone who manages or owns a small business will know that there are many different software tools on the market that claim to help businesses improve their operating efficiency.

Small business management software on the other hand, actually can help a small business to dramatically increase efficiency.


Small business management software is far different from other point solutions that are supposed to help small businesses. Point solutions are software systems that are supposed to help businesses by providing a single function for a specific area.

For example, CRM software is a point solution that helps businesses manage their customer relationships. However, using point systems does not address the entire problem, which is raising productivity throughout the entire business.

Now to the meat of the issue: how can software help small businesses increase efficiency? To start with, small business management software is a single software platform that can be easily integrated into any small business. Through the software business owners, managers and employees can perform all of their regular daily tasks and more.

A small business management system will allow your small business to solve your needs for CRM and contact management, billing and invoicing, project management and more. Your small business management solution will be able to perform the following tasks:

  • Small business solutions will allow you to manage all of your customer relationships. You’ll be able to create customer and prospect databases that you can update in real-time as you learn more about your contact. A complete small business solution would not be able to help your business if there weren’t some marketing component involved either, which is why these solutions also arm you with email marketing capabilities. You’ll be able to launch customer prospecting emails and nurture campaigns to maximize your contact database, and also be able to track each time you send some form of communication to one of your contacts.
  • Quotes and invoices can also be created and attached to a customer contact which means valuable documents never go missing. Obviously an important component of your business is being able to collect from your customers and clients. Having your invoicing integrated with your entire small business platform ensures that every order and detail is captured and addressed in real-time. Additionally, the knowledge regarding which products or services your customers acquired, will let you evaluate cross-sell and up-sell opportunities for additional revenue.
  • Sales leads can be followed with ease via sales management software by simply contacting customers who have requested a quote previously. What makes software for a small business so special, is the ability to integrate every process. I know that we’ve repeated this multiple times, but words can’t explain how much simpler running your small business becomes when you only have a single solution for sales, marketing, project management and invoicing.
  • Projects can also be created and tracked through their various stages using small business management software. Imagine using separate systems, you’d have all of your projects but would not be able to associate them directly with resource costs or customers. Having a single system to help your small business lets you quickly view the costs associated with any project or customer and invoice them properly.
  • Employees can fill in their timesheets via time tracking software and these can then be accessed by owners and managers when calculating wages, and shared calendars help small businesses monitor how much human capital they have ready for any given project.


I know that surfing the web you’ll hear claims from all of the point solutions saying they’re the best software for small businesses. However, just think about your real business needs, and ask yourself, would you rather have 4 different software systems? or a single software platform to help your business?

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