Online CRM collaboration:
Business-wide CRM collaboration with WORK[etc].

Keep communications centralized on the single cloud CRM solution.

Stay across sales, projects, social, customer support, billing & budgets.

Collaborate with clients through the customer portal.

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Software that manages the entire customer lifecycle.

Having a central way to communicate when working on projects, sales, support, and tasks is key.

When you manage your business using multiple apps, communication becomes spread out and unorganized, resulting in critical pieces of information being missed out on.

By keeping all business data in one place, WORK[etc] makes online CRM collaboration efficient and easy to track.

CRM + Sales + Social + Projects + Billing (and more!)

Team members can create lengthy forum-style discussion threads on any activity with the ability to request responses from specific team members. All item changes and updates notify team members immediately with alerts, letting users work on the same information in real time. Capture email responses within WORK[etc] and update projects & leads using the Gmail Gadget.

  • Granular permissions
    Invite clients to login and work on related projects, pay their invoices, and handle support ticket responses.

  • [Work] from anywhere
    Manage your business right from your email as well as our native mobile apps for iOS and Android.

  • G Suite sync
    Two-way integration with Google Calendar, Contacts, and access & edit Docs inside WORK[etc] projects.

  • Handle finances
    Track all finances and invoice directly: log expenses on tasks, create billable timesheets, and bill project milestones.

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All-in-one business management from $78/month

5 Stars
“All our information is in one place, accessible day or night. Remote online management of employees is now possible centrally, with seamless scheduling and no need for long-winded telephone conversation”
B. Pate, Web1SEO, Digital Marketing, Florida USA

5 Stars
“… hands down the BEST solution for agencies. Perfect? no, nothing ever is, but damn close. I’ve been telling everyone about it, recommending it to my own clients too.”
C. Sanderson, Commix, Consultants, Colarado USA

5 Stars
” … excellent product and unbelievable customer service. I tried every web app that tackles both CRM and project management but none came close. WORK[etc] is poised to kill Salesforce and Zoho CRM”
V. Edmon, Goose Dog, Web Design, San Francisco, USA

And another 217 5-star reviews from the Google Marketplace