Create and deploy projects faster with templates.

Integrate checkout gateways such as Paypal, Google, and others.

Work anywhere, anytime via mobile apps or even your GMail inbox.

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WORK[etc] isn’t like other hosted CRM applications. We combine CRM with project management, billing, and help desk support so users can manage every aspect of their business without having to resort to costly integrations.

It’s more than just CRM software. WORK[etc] lets you manage your entire business using the one web based CRM system.


  • Smart project management –  View projects in Gantt view and create & associate relevant items with projects. Create templates for common projects – or duplicate them entirely. Subscribe to project updates via RSS & Email.
  • Taking web based CRM a step up – Manage contacts, manage leads, collaborate on leads, view pipelines, and have leads automatically convert into projects once they’ve been declared a sale.
  • Finances with intelligence – Integrate checkout gateways such as Paypal, Google, and others. Capture every minute spent on activities with integrated timesheets. Allow clients to login and check their invoices.
  • Never miss another detail – Get updates on items via email and RSS. Update current projects and tasks from email or your mobile phone. View entire contact histories within their profile.


CRM Project Management with Sales Automation Options

Hosted CRM works better when integrated.

Constantly switching between apps, entering information twice or more — despite spending thousands of dollars monthly, businesses still tend to experience efficiency and workflow issues. WORK[etc] combines CRM, project management, and billing at a fundamental level so integration is never an issue.

CRM Project Management with Sales Automation Options

No more missing out on sales opportunities.

WORK[etc]’s CRM web brings lead collaboration, contact organization, sales pipelines, sales actions & alerts, web form lead generation, and business wide reports together into one intuitive package, which also integrates at a fundamental level with projects and billing.

CRM Project Management with Sales Automation Options

Keep existing customers happy.

Impress your customers by always being on top of details. WORK[etc]’s contact profiles display detailed contact histories, showing everything you’ve done with or relating to a client. Manage the entire customer lifecycle in one customer relationship software and keep clients updated via email marketing campaigns.

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All-in-one business management from $78/month

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