Manage the entire customer life cycle using just one cloud-based system.

Create and deploy projects and send out bills and invoices without the need for another app.

Respond quickly to customer support tickets and questions.

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Take control of your service business with WORK[etc] CRM and Project Management software.

Don’t keep your CRM separate from your project management and billing. Smart business owners use WORK[etc] to combine CRM Project Management with billing and more.


  • CRM Project Management. CRM and project management combined with other aspects of business management in one intuitive, simple package. Lets you move from closing sales to launching projects seamlessly, which allows you to always have a complete picture of your customers entire lifecycle through your business.
  • Project Management with CRM. Invite your customers through the customer portal to participate on key projects, view and reply to their support inquiries, and check out their unpaid invoices – no extra charge. By increasing the transparency for your customers, you can improve trust and always ensure that they’re happy with the progress of their open projects.
  • Project Billing Software. Bill your projects including time tracking and milestones, have projects automatically associate with timesheets and milestones for added convenience, and set up templates to save time. Decrease the time it takes for your team to track projects and customers. A single location for all projects and billing lets you easily assign projects and track all billable hours, so there are no surprises for your customers.
  • Customer Support Software. Customer service software to better manage project outcomes. Have support cases and projects associate with one another for quick reference, and never have to jump between applications to check up on information. With CRM project management software, you can respond to customer support requests faster and increase the close rate of requests by referencing past cases.
  • CRM with Project Management Software and Billing – The perfect combination of tools. Imagine on any given day that you can get on the Internet and open your web-based small business software and see at a glance exactly where you stand on any given project, the overall condition of your company, to-do lists, deadlines, problems, expenses, employees, e-mails, etc. – in short, every aspect of your company. That is CRM project management software, you control everything from a single location, there’s no need to integrate three separate software systems, or train employees on three different systems. All you need is a single CRM Project Management solution with Billing, and you have all you need to run your small business.


Document Management Tools

Create folder templates for clients. Set permissions and allow remote access over the web. Make document sharing simple and efficient.

Integrated documents and help desk software allows for use of documents across your business, whether for support, project management, internal use, or other options.

WORK[etc] is a complete CRM with project management, billing, help desk and more.


CRM Project Management with Sales Automation Options

Create web forms to capture all relevant sales leads, and create new contacts within our CRM software.

Assign and qualify leads, issue quotes, close in on important sales, and set follow-ups.

Update the state of a lead from anywhere, even through email.



  • Set up nested projects with unlimited number of levels for deep project tracking
  • Assign workgroups to projects and control access to CRM project management system with permissions
  • Collaborate with customers through a self serve portal
  • Maintain email communication and attach to projects within the CRM
  • Mobile CRM project management from iPhone or Android devices
  • Clone projects and create project templates from within the CRM with project management
  • Create dependent tasks and trigger alerts

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