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Web-Based CRM Software is a great tool to share contacts, sales leads and business opportunities. Web-Based CRM solutions are designed to be incredibly easy to use, and there are hundreds of solutions to choose from.


  • Web-Based CRM software has improved productivity exponentially. By providing employees with access to the CRM solution at all times, your team can work on leads anywhere in the world, and update information in the database regardless of time-zone. There are no more “glitches” by trying to intertwine different software packages, servers or installation problems. One complete online CRM erases the nightmare of contact management and desktop point solutions of the past.
  • Choose a Web-Based CRM system that is subscription based with a monthly fee, no contract and no set-up fees, rather than desktop software out of a box. The Web-Based CRM solution will be able to adapt to different systems with multiple APIs and will be able to easily scale with your growing needs.
  • Web-Based CRM systems provide a central location for all leads and customers. If all customers and leads are centrally located you and your staff can access the information and can collaborate on closing sales. You, as the leader of the business, can also keep track of progress and run reports and follow-ups that your employees may have overlooked.
  • Web-Based CRM can also be multi-purpose and also include project management and complete billing services to bring all of your work into one business program, which will give you complete control over your entire business.
  • Look for a Web-Based CRM software that takes any lead, whether by word-of-mouth, your website or telephone, and seamlessly melds them into a unit of leads that won’t slip through the cracks. If you can stay on top of your leads with rapid follow-up you will be more likely to “capture” a new client.
  • When you get a new client, make sure your Web-Based CRM software will integrate your client’s wants and needs and make them your own. With drag-and-drop calendars you can make a point of scheduling touch-base calls at random intervals, give the client a special password to be able to check on the progress of the project. As more people have to travel, make sure the CRM software can be accessed on the Internet from anywhere.
  • The beauty of a Web-Based CRM system is that it can be adapted to a one-person business or support many employees. Make sure you find one that charges a nominal fee on a user-number basis. As your business expands or contracts your nominal fees will reflect that change, rather than having paid for an expensive package set-up.

In a nutshell, Web-Based CRM will increase your customer’s satisfaction, boost your sales and service, increase your employees’ productivity and give you the freedom of accessing your projects from anywhere.

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