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Lead management software isn’t just for large enterprises anymore. Small and mid sized businesses should be doing more than drumming their fingers and sitting at their desk, waiting for potential customers to make contact. As you contemplate the cost of hiring new sales employees to “cold-call” and reach out to potential customers, think about other solutions to drive more value from your lead management and scoring software. Rather than adding additional employees and expenses, try these tips to “squeeze” more value from your lead generation system.


  • Drop the spreadsheets, manual quoting and pricing. Find a lead management system that integrates with every other business application to give you a complete view of your prospects and customers. The complete view of customers and leads allows you to uncover new opportunities to nurture or hard sell.
  • Create a lead scoring matrix. Creating a simple scoring matrix based on the contacts “fit” and their “interest/behavior” lets you create a profile of what your perfect lead looks like, and helps you determine which leads are best for nurturing and which are “sales-ready” leads. This can help your sales team save time by contacting only the most “sales-ready” leads and nurturing colder leads for future sales.
  • Go mobile. Lead generation knows no bounds, meaning you never know when you’ll run into a good lead or prospect. Sure, some of your leads will be generated by your web marketing, but you may also stumble upon new leads at tradeshows or events, and for that you need to have lead management software that has some mobile capabilities. There are numerous systems that are mobile ready, but if you’re a fan of using Evernote for CRM, then you can try Work[etc], which lets you add leads and notes directly to your CRM from Evernote with hashtags.
  • If you haven’t integrated your lead management with project management, then you should start considering it. How many programs are you running for lead generation? Most businesses are running complex nurture and lead generation campaigns that require project management software, and being able to see what project results in the “hottest” leads provides valuable information into the performance of your marketing and sales efforts.
  • With a complete web based, integrated lead management software, comprehensive billing software can be utilized to see where you stand. Overhead, salaries, commissions, benefits and rewards, can all be charged and interfaced into your quotes so that you don’t lose money. Alerts can be given if the client gets behind on the invoice collection.

Make sure your business works for you, and not the other way around. We all start small, expand or contract as the economy or our industry dictates, but effectively managing your leads will help you get more value from your marketing and sales programs. Start planning for the future today.

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