Don’t let your fast growing tech firm get away from you.

Manage your entire tech firm from a single cloud platform.

Keep track of all accounts, sales, projects, deliverables, billing & budgets

Collaborate with and assign tasks to remote teams and keep talent on task and accountable.

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Managing a fast-growing tech firm is hard work.  We get that.

Between chasing opportunities, servicing existing clients, and managing teams both in-office and on-site, the tech service landscape can be a veritable battlefield.  Blink for just a second and you risk losing control.

Don’t let your business get away from you.

From the single cloud platform you and your team can close that big-brand account, instantly issue a quote, turn that quote into a project, manage deadlines for deliverables, bill your customer and follow up on any outstanding issues.

All-in-ONE business management software
for Tech Firms

  • Synchronize efforts across all business channels
    Manage your entire business all the way from leads and opportunities through to sales, deployment, and client retention on a single platform. Gain control of every issue, project, and opportunity.

  • Turn emails into opportunities
    GMail and Outlook add-ins convert any email into contacts, leads, and support tickets. Turn contacts into leads and leads into clients within a single system. 

  • Get everyone on the same page
    Easily access pertinent data through a single cloud-based system and mobile apps for Android and iOS. Everyone stays up to date, whether they’re in the office or working remotely on-site.

  • Promote efficiency and accountability
    Real-time business analysis and reports give an overview of where you stand. Drill down deeper into the data for performance tracking and reliability.

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All-in-one business management from $78/month

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