Don’t let your fast growing accounting firm get away from you.

Manage your entire accounting firm and customer lifecycle from the single cloud platform.

Stay current across all accounts, sales, projects, deliverables, billing, & budgets

Supercharge Xero and Quickbooks with extended business management tools.

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Managing a fast-growing accounting firm is hard work.  We get that.

Between chasing new opportunities, keeping existing clients happy, managing teams, and staying on budget, every day can be a battle — even when it’s not tax season. Blink for just a second and you risk losing control.

Don’t let your business get away from you.

Ensure full control and management of your accounting firm using a single cloud-based management platform that can adapt to any lead, sales, or business process throughout the entire customer lifecycle.

All-in-ONE business management software
for CPAs and Accounting Firms

  • Consolidate your financial tools
    Seamless integration with Xero Accounting and QuickBooks means you don’t have to come to grips with an entirely new system. The transition is quick, painless, and allows you to hit the ground running.

  • Get everyone on the same page
    Every activity is captured and recorded in a central, easy-to-access repository. Everyone stays up to date, regardless of location or role.

  • Customize processes for any service
    Create your own lead, project, and sales processes to handle custom client services and big tax season jobs. Attach timesheets to projects for recurring services and billing.

  • Maximize revenue and profits
    One system for managing deliverables, quotes, and expenses means every billable dollar is captured and assigned to your client. Customize processes to handle any new request.

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All-in-one business management from $78/month

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Deloitte - Fast 500

5 Stars
“Our USA-based company offers business consultancy and financial advice to developing companies in the oil, gas, and real estate industries.”
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5 Stars
“You can be that accountant everyone loves to recommend to friends and business associates. With a centralized point of entry into each client’s complete account record, you can show clients that you care and increase business at the same time.” 
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