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No business likes to waste money, but that is exactly what many are doing on a daily basis with ineffective and inefficient business practices that don’t leverage simple systems such as Customer Relationship Management (CRM).

Many companies seek out business consultants who often recommend expensive enterprise CRM solutions that require constant hours for customization and maintenance. By choosing a simple, out-of-the-box web CRM solution you can easily cut overhead costs associated with consultants and enterprise software.

So what are other ways that CRM can save your company money?


  • Contact management software can put an end to poor working practices that waste time. All business owners know the old adage, “Time is money”. Who wants to have their employees wasting time each day using old methods to log customer contacts and create new customer profiles? By implementing a CRM system, you can save money and time when updating customer profiles. A CRM solution provides a centralized location for all of you employees to work all contacts. The information is automatically updated across all users, ensuring that your employees always have the most up-to-date information.
  • CRM can help a business virtually eliminate any misplaced invoices. The number of businesses that misplace or lose invoices is staggering. Using a CRM system can help your business by flagging all lost invoices for immediate chasing. No more outstanding invoices, means more money in your company’s pockets.
  • CRM can increase customer confidence. An increase in customer confidence which can lead to increased profits. Having customers that will come back to your business time and time again is like a dream come true. In fact knowing that your customers will always turn to you because of your outstanding customer relationship management is like having a blank check from them. In these times where customer loyalty is crucial CRM can help a business to secure customers and keep them. A CRM solution helps your business by giving you the tools to maintain best-in-class customer communication. You get tools that help you schedule and plan communications, as well as a knowledgebase of past customer issues that you can reference to remedy future cases.
  • CRM can enable a business to do away with many unwanted software programs. This means that money can be saved on various software licenses. Some businesses have to pay large amounts of money each year to keep up their licenses for various software programs, using one CRM program that combines web based project management features means only one license has to be paid for each year. Just think about the amount of money you can save with a single platform for CRM, project management and billing.
  • CRM can help a business plan targeted marketing campaigns. CRM can help you by improving marketing campaigns with reporting tools to dissect your customer base for segmented campaigns. You can analyze which marketing campaigns are bringing in the most revenue, the most returning customers, and eliminate the campaigns that aren’t working. This helps you put your muscle where you need it most, saving your marketing team time when creating campaigns, and helping your business understand the true value of their marketing efforts..


From just simple cost savings with an easy-to-use web CRM platform, to reporting features that help you understand your customers and provide more relative marketing campaigns. With a good CRM in place, you can even serve your customers better with stronger customer service and support.

With such low costs to get started and large potential of rewards to benefit from, why not give a CRM solution a try and see how quickly it helps your business streamline its customer facing processes?

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