How To Handle 4X the Support Calls with One Simple Change

With one switch, this IT firm managed to cut down their support ticket handling time to a mere quarter of what it used to be, letting them help up to four times the number of clients in the same time it used to take them to help eight.

WORKetc CRM - How To Handle 4X the Support Calls with One Simple Change IT firm tekRESCUE keeps IT support at “a manageable level of insanity” with WORKetc.

IT can be a messy business. Just ask Randy Bryan, the founder of San Marcos, Texas-based IT firm tekRESCUE.

“There are a lot of emergencies; always a lot of unknowns,” he told us last year, “A lot of messiness comes out of that.

“WORketc helps make it a little more manageable.”

Randy recently got in touch with us again to give us a look at just how WORKetc helps tekRESCUE have “a manageable level of insanity”.

Multiple Apps, Multiple Steps

Before WORKetc, tekRESCUE largely used G Suite to handle their support cases. Here’s their old eight-step process:

  • Step 1. A Google Folder with documents containing customer info as well as a timesheet is created and shared with the tech assigned to the job.
  • Step 2. Client contact info is entered into invoicing software.
  • Step 3. Support request added to Google Doc and separate project management software.
  • Step 4. Tech works on support case.
  • Step 5. Upon completion, ticket is marked as complete in project management software.
  • Step 6. Total tech time spent on ticket is added to Google Doc timesheet.
  • Step 7. Office manager copies and pastes time spent into invoice, which is then sent out.
  • Step 8. Google Doc timesheet manually marked as “invoiced”.

This process typically involved three people: the company office manager, Celina Garcia, who coordinates the support ticket’s flow through the entire process; Randy, who takes over for Celina if she’s indisposed; and the tech actually fulfilling the request.

Randy estimates that for every support ticket, it took them at least 40 minutes to complete everything on the clerical / admin side of things.

Streamlined Support

Since signing on with WORKetc, they’ve managed to streamline their old eight-step, multi-app process into just five steps—all completed using only the one business management app:

  • Step 1. Support ticket is created in WORKetc, with client contact info added as the ticket is created.
  • Step 2. Ticket is assigned to tech.
  • Step 3. Tech completes the work and attach their timesheet to the ticket, which is then marked as “ready to bill”.
  • Step 4. Customer is invoiced from within WORKetc, using the timesheet entered by the tech.
  • Step 5. Ticket is marked as “closed”.
WORKetc CRM - How To Handle 4X the Support Calls with One Simple Change Time saved by tekRESCUE thanks to WORKetc. Click for full view.

By eliminating the need to use separate apps for different steps in the process, tekRESCUE has cut down the time they spend on clerical duties to just 10 minutes per ticket.

That’s a quarter of the time it used to take, leaving both Celina and Randy with more time to help out more clients during the day and work on growing tekRESCUE’s already sizeable customer base even further.

And with the tekRESCUE team using the process an average of eight times a day, cutting the process down by 30 minutes means they’re saving four hours per day. That’s 960 hours of admin time saved per year.

With all that time saved, tekRESCUE can now handle up to 32 support tickets in the same amount of time it used to take them to handle just eight—up to four times the number of clients they can help in a day.

Top-Class Support Service

Randy also notes that while the people involved in the process remain the same, WORKetc allows their techs to create tickets by themselves if the need arises.

This means that even if both Celina and Randy are ever unavailable for any reason, a tech can still go ahead and accept a support request. Jobs don’t fall through the cracks just because someone wasn’t there to catch them.

For a company that prides itself on going all-out to help clients, that level of service, which WORKetc helps provide, is just the baseline of what they can do.

How have you streamlined your small business’ support process using WORKetc? Let us know in the comments.

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