WORKetc Scores Big in GetApp Rankings for 9th Straight Quarter

WORKetc CRM further solidifies its place as a leading all-in-one small business management solution by placing high on the Gartner-owned site's quarterly rankings in four separate categories.

WORKetc Scores Big in GetApp Rankings for 9th Straight Quarter

For the ninth straight quarter, WORKetc has maintained its position as a leader in GetApp’s quarterly GetRank list in not one, not two, but four distinct categories.

“WORKetc has retained its place in the rankings for CRM, Project Management, Sales Management and Business Management since Q2 2016,” says Rhiân Davies, a researcher at the Gartner-owned software comparison site.

“The small business management software came in strong in all categories this year—most notably in Business Management at #2 and Sales Management at #9.”

Only industry behemoth NetSuite managed to score higher than WORKetc in the Business Management category, while its fellow market giants SAP and Microsoft Dynamics lagged behind the small business CRM software suite.

The quarterly ranking showcases the top 25 cloud-based Business Management apps ranked and reviewed on GetApp.

Each app’s score is calculated based on five factors—user reviews, integrations, mobile app availability, media presence, and security. Each of these factors are worth 20 points each, for a total possible score out of 100.

Aside from Business and Sales Management, WORKetc also ranked #10 in the CRM category and #11 in the Project Management project management category.

“With an average rating of 4.68/5 stars on GetApp, WORKetc CRM really solidifies its place as a leading multipurpose business management solution in the cloud,” adds Davies.

It’s a great start to the year, thanks mostly to all of WORKetc’s dedicated users who continue to provide feedback on review sites, on our forums, and during our exclusive beta tests.

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