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  • Centralize team and customer collaboration.
  • Work from anywhere.  Bring remote teams together.

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Web based CRM, Project Management & Collaboration.
The all in one cloud computing platform.

WORK[etc] powers 1200 fast-growing businesses across 14 countries with its small business software.

With integrated CRM, projects, billing, help desk, reporting and collaboration, WORK[etc] is the single cloud computing platform. This means just one software solution for your entire business.

One place for your team to collaborate. One place to sell, deliver and support customers. And with WORK[etc]'s cloud based web and mobile apps, you can manage your business at work, at home or on the road.

So say goodbye to painful integrations and multiple costly web apps.  Say hello to big-time productivity and efficiency when you grow your business on WORK[etc].



All–in–one web based CRM software:

  • Lower total cost than purchasing individual tools
  • Eliminate costly integrations and multiple logins
  • Train and support one system, instead of many
  • Effortlessly keep everyone on the same page
  • Drill down into every single customer interaction


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“So much more is possible when CRM software, projects, sales and management all work from the one online business system.”

  • Fully briefed work-force

    Every activity and interaction with a contact is captured. Browse the timeline or search and filter records.

  • Real-time accountability

    View a detailed activity history of every action each employee takes.  Create productivity reports.

  • Improve Efficiency

    Train your team on just one system instead of many.  Eliminate double entry and integrations. 

  • Business-wide visibility

    Access your entire business in one place.  Generate cross-department reporting and analysis.

  • Centralized communication

    Reduce group emails with online discussions on any activity.  Standardize email responses.

  • Teamwork Online

    Create workgroups and assign tasks, leads, support cases and more.  Discuss and resolve issues online.

  • Slice and Dice Data

    Create multi-variable smart lists of your customer database.  Use lists for marketing and business intelligence.

  • Work from your inbox

    Update projects, assign support tickets or create a sales lead without ever leaving Gmail or Outlook.

  • Enable remote workers

    Give remote workers the tools they need to succeed without the cost of maintaining VPNs and servers.

Enterprise software features. Small Business Price

Workflow Solutions

  • Permissions and access control.
  • Build workgroups. Manage by roles.
  • Auto alerts and reminders.
  • Two–way sync with Google.
  • Cross-department reporting.

Sales, CRM & Social

  • Capture leads from forms and email.
  • Assign leads based on qualification.
  • Custom sales processes and stages.
  • Sales pipeline and custom reporting.
  • Use email templates to nurture leads.
  • Slice and dice data with Smart Lists.

Help Desk Software

  • View entire case history on one page
  • Extend case detail with custom fields.
  • Custom support processes & stages
  • Report on key performance indicators
  • Solve from email, web or mobile

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Project Management Software

  • Gantt, Tree and Timeline views.
  • Dependant tasks and alerts.
  • Update from web, email or mobile app.
  • Custom project types and stages.
  • Extend detail with custom fields.
  • Track project budgets.
  • Resolve issues with online chat.

Billing Software

  • Products, timesheets & expenses.
  • Track and remind overdue accounts.
  • Self service portal for customers.
  • Connectors for Accounting Software.

Power Features

  • Custom web form builder.
  • Email marketing & newsletters.
  • Open API for custom development.
  • Powerful custom fields & data types
  • Twitter, LinkedIn & Facebook Integration



Online CRM & Project Management Software for:

  • Advertising, PR and Digital Marketing Firms
  • Web design, software and development
  • Management and business consultants
  • Light commercial and manufacturing
  • MSP, technology support and services
  • Construction, architecture and engineering
  • Property, real estate and leasing
  • Accounting firms and financial advisers
  • Boutique law firms and attorneys
  • HR, training and development team
  • Every fast growing businesss


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