Video Demo: WORK[etc]’s Upcoming UI Update in Action

You've seen pictures, you've read the updates. Now it's time to actually show the next big WORK[etc] release in action.

Today we’re giving you a quick glimpse at the Contact Page, which is part of our upcoming User Interface (UI) updates, and three important upcoming sections: the Locations tab, the Timeline Tab, and the Custom Views tab.

The Locations tab includes auto-generated maps for each address associated with a contact as well as localized clocks synced to each address’s time zone.

These two additions help make things easier for users who need to either meet a contact on-site or place a call to a different time zone.

You can think of the Timeline and Custom Views tabs as evolutions of the Activity Stream. The Timeline is a running record of everything a contact has created, modified, or uploaded to WORK[etc].

Finally, the Custom Views tab provides users a way to quickly and easily get on top of whatever they need to work on. Easy-to-spot icons at the top give an instant overview of open project, tasks, support cases, leads, and more.

It also sports an activity grid that can be refined and filtered according to multiple parameters — date, client, tag, activities, assignee, and more. Filtered results in the main Custom Views grid can also be named and saved, meaning you can bring up those specific results with a single click in the future.

Check out the video below to learn more.

Now that you’ve seen it in action, let us know what you think of the upcoming Contact Page. Which tabs do you see yourself using a lot?

  • David McGarry

    Thanks for the update Work[etc]. I like the look of those contact filters that you can stack, very useful and a nice addition to the UI.

    The custom views look very useful and yes, I am a geek and I find in-line editing cool. Where I think Work[etc] is excelling is in it’s ability to tie everything together, which is what we really enjoy about using it.

    Just one small gripe, I don’t know if it was just me not having had coffee yet, but the video was a bit too fast, had to rewind it a few times because I kept missing some of the features! Cheers ☕

  • Ross Hendy

    Thanks Dan – I only have one question – when?

  • It looks great thanks for sharing. The Custom Views look like really useful addition to how we view project and pipeline data. I agree with Ross, the one mega question is When!

  • Karen S

    WOW The changes look awesome. I like the tabs at the top, ready for hands on use. the timeline aspect will come in handy as we keep track of our projects. I am looking forward to using the new features. Thanks and keep up the great work.

  • tekrescue

    Hi. It looks awesome. We are a mobile first company. We believe the mobile experience and the desktop experience should be roughly the same. This change is a big step towards making that happen. Thank you!

  • Wow. This looks quite impressive. My extended team has really been diving in to the system lately. I can’t wait to share this with them.

    I love the new date setting interface and especially the drop downs to set time.

    Looking forward to the release!

  • ChristopheJ

    Sleek interface! I particularly like the Custom Views. For the Google Maps, they would only be useful for me when I can easily get directions as well.

  • Ruth Puidokaite

    thanks guys, it looks great! we are really looking forward to the interface updates soon. The custom views look great and I see us using it often. Also my question is When?

  • Guest

    Looks good, but worketc has been telling us of this so called update for years. Development on your product has been basically non existent. Why have a feature request page when you ignore 99% of it?

  • Sarah Emms

    same comment from me as well – timeframe for the release would be awesome.

  • That’s awesome – we’re really looking forward to the UI update. Being heavy users of the system, I think the optimisation of the contact page with custom filters and ability to see saved setups at a glance will speed up what we’re already doing.
    Glad to hear its on the way.

  • Thomas Lawler

    This has been teased for some time now with the static mockups lat last year. Hoping this update is soon to be released. I have to agree with some of the additional users in requesting a timeframe for the updated UI.

    Everything looks great. Looking forward to the release.

  • I’ve already shared elsewhere a bit about the reasons and regrets in the delay, but “v5” is really coming together very well right now. We’re not even sharing a target release date internally right now though, let alone publicly, as we don’t want to let anyone down if we miss it. In terms of the Contacts screens, I think the best addition for me is the at-a-glance map and local time. With customers in almost every country I have been known to try calling people at inappropriate times once or twice

  • Donna Grindle

    Love the new look and the timeline is a great change. So, when can we get our hands on it? I wish I could filter a timeline for something right this minute. It will be much quicker and easier to get to the data I need. Big fan waiting on the edge of my seat!

  • My favourite part of that video was the saved custom filter. So much time can be saved by just having it remember that one filter you use all the time! I’m liking the overall look and can’t wait to see it released.

  • The UI is a huge improvement….the view options are interesting. it might be helpful to provide some templated Custom Views for people that aren’t comfortable experimenting and an enhancement to the ability to generate workflow rules would be helpful, and the ability to embed some of available analytics tools

  • Cyntia

    I like the map multiple addresses option for each contact. In my database, contacts have often two addresses: one for shipping and one for billing so this feature is very useful. I also like the localized time for each contact address because my company work worldwide. The new design looks great.

  • H Close

    I can’t wait for this update! I really like that the icons are something that I am already familiar with from the app and it looks like these views are really going to help with finding information more quickly and anything that helps with that will really be useful since there is so much information in WorkETC in general. I am sure my team will really utilize these features.

  • It goes really fast so it’s hard to tell what and where this is in context. I hope we can demo it in Beta soon. I’m pretty sure I will work with the Contact tab the most.

  • Looks fantastic! Love the flexibility and depth of all the views. Being able to then save your filters and access them over and over is a great thing as well.

  • I will probably use the saved filters every day. Perhaps this feature will encourage me to use the Contacts page a little more often.

  • Lauretta Shokler

    The custom views will likely be the most useful feature for us. One of the biggest challenges we have is being able to see which tasks/projects/support cases someone has responded to with new activity, so if we could get a list like that quickly, it would really help. I don’t know that we would use the map features much, it’s possible, but but not often. We are relatively new to WorkEtc, so right now the activity streams are manageable, but I could see as time goes on and we have a lot of activity on some clients, that the Timelines will be helpful locating specific correspondences.

  • Celina

    Can’t wait! I live in the Contact pages since I’m the one that keeps up with our customer’s database. Having it all accessible in a feed format makes it so much easier. I wish there was a way to have premade notes that can be saved and used like the emails.

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