Hot New Release: Rebuilt and Improved WORK[etc] Outlook Add-In Now Available

After months of thorough development and beta testing, the new, improved, rebuilt-from-the-ground-up WORK[etc] Outlook add-in is now available.

worketc outlook add-in release

We have some pretty big news for all WORK[etc] users who also use Outlook on a day-to-day basis: the latest iteration of the WORK[etc] Outlook plugin is now officially out of beta and available for download.

Note that the add-in is available only for the Windows desktop version of Outlook. It’s compatible with Outlook 2010, 2013, and 2016.

For this release, we didn’t focus on any fancy but ultimately insubstantial new bells and whistles. Instead, we took a look at the underlying architecture of the plugin and remade it from the ground up. The result? A much more efficient and stable Outlook plugin than ever before.

One important new feature that we did add, though, is contact sync. Just like our Google Contacts CRM integration, the Outlook plugin now allows you to sync over your Outlook contacts to WORK[etc] and vice versa.

The contact sync feature in the Outlook plugin also has the same conflict resolution tool as our Google Contacts integration. You can quickly choose which contact detail changes to apply, which to discard, and whether you pull data from Outlook or WORK[etc].

To get the new Outlook plugin running and connected to WORK[etc], please follow the installation instructions below.

Installation Instructions

  1. First, you need to uninstall the old Outlook add-in from your computer. If you haven’t installed previous versions of the Outlook add-in before, proceed to step 3.
  2. To uninstall, just go to your Windows Control Panel, go to Add/Remove Programs, and remove the existing WORK[etc] Outlook Add-in.
  3. Next, download the installer for the new Outlook plugin. On your WORK[etc] account, go to Settings > Apps & Integrations and click the green “Install” button.
worketc outlook add-in installation 1
  1. You will be prompted to download a file called “worketcaddin.exe”. Do so.
  2. Once it’s finished downloading, run the file.
  3. Once the add-in is finished installing, fire up Outlook. You should be asked to login to your WORK[etc] account. Do so. If the login screen doesn’t automatically show up, click the green “Login” button on Outlook’s Home toolbar.
worketc outlook add-in installation 2
  1. You’re now ready to use the latest version of the WORK[etc] Outlook add-in!

We know you’re excited to give the new Outlook CRM integration add-in a spin so we’re keeping this short and sweet. Let us know what you think in the comments!

  • Steve Westrop | WORK[etc]

    Big thanks to all our beta testers, in particular James at Aulos who wins the award for most bug submissions via the beta forum. You’ve helped make the Outlook add-in a much better product, which in turns helps all our customers build better businesses.
    We’ll revisit the add-in again in a couple of months with a view to building Calendar sync also. Mac users, sorry but we hear Microsoft will not be allowing third-party apps in Outlook for Mac any longer.

  • Good job guys. Always good to see things improving (even if it’s all behind the scenes). Keep up the good work.

  • David McGarry

    I’be been using the older Outlook extension for a while now and can recommend it… I particularly use Attach to Activity a lot because it helps me to tie everything about a project together.

    I’ve just installed the updated version and it’s great to have ‘Create New’ in there. That’s really going to speed up little tasks that I can just do from Outlook rather than having to jump over to a browser.

    Calendar sync would be really handy so glad to see that is in the works 🙂

  • Christina Fowinkle

    Outlook has always caused problems with me because of its issues with duplicating my email accounts and not syncing correctly at times (not WorkETC’s fault) – I use Godaddy webmail instead. But this plugin update prompted me to try out Outlook again for a time. While I liked what the plugin offered in terms of usability and seamless integration with the CRM, Outlook is still causing me headaches.

    I’m sad I’m having to drop this plugin because of Outlook – but good to know this is another fine addition to WorkETC’s extensive platform support for people who can tolerate Outlook.

  • Karen S

    I use Worketc Outlook extension often, I can upload all my email info directly to activities and contacts, saves time and headache. Keep the new features coming.

  • H Close

    I really like that this plugin has more options than just “create support case” and that you can use it to attach the email to several different sections in WorkETC. This saves me a lot of time when I get direct emails from clients in my inbox. I love that I can choose not to upload whatever is attached to the email as well. The plugin doesn’t slow my Outlook down at all which has been an issue with other plugins. I do wish that it didn’t log me out so often, but that is a small price to pay. I would LOVE a calendar option.

  • Thomas Lawler

    Neat-O! We aren’t currently supporting outlook for our employees, but it is always encouraging to see Work[etc] progress, and mature as a company. Cheers and keep on innovating and improving. All the best!

  • The is a product you need to have, but we don’t use Outlook and we don’t use PC’s save for one virtualized Windows Server for its Active Directory Domain Controller functionality for authentication.

  • Cyntia

    I like being able to transfer emails from Outlook to WORK[etc] thanks to the add-in feature. It helps keeping track of who said what to who. Moreover, other people of the company can see the discussion without having to receive all the emails !

  • mumof2

    can’t get the plugin working with outlook 2016. I download and install it then open Outlook and it is just not there at all! No integration

    • Hi MumOf2 – please contact support, we haven’t seen this before.

      • mumof2

        thanks have contacted support WORKetc #11-9898

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