Could Your Business Help 5x the Clients Without Adding Staff? This Company Did.

This company has grown seven times larger in the past six years, but even without hiring new staff, they've managed to serve more clients in less than half the time it used to take them with the help of their CRM and project management app.

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There are few things worse than a company that keeps making empty marketing claims just to sell their product.

If you tell me your app is going to save me time, give me actual numbers. Historical data. Even just a ballpark figure, at least.

Usually, though, all the marketing speak basically boils down to “Use our app and it might save you a few seconds. Or maybe an hour. We’re not really sure ourselves.”

That’s why we don’t just say, “WORKetc makes you more efficient”. We dive deep into the hows and the whys.

We back it up with hard data from actual WORKetc users—users like Atcom Technology director Malissa Fonte, who recently shared with us some insight into how WORKetc has helped them better serve more customers, faster.

Helping 5 Times the Clients, Faster

According to Malissa, WORKetc has had a strong and clear impact on how Atcom, a Perth-based IT firm, provides technical support nowadays.

See, before WORKetc, Atcom worked almost exclusively out of Outlook, which housed all customer data, jobs, and tasks.

Back then, it regularly took over an hour for a single support ticket to go through the entire process—and that’s not even counting the actual tech work that needs to be done.

In the six years since they started using WORKetc, however, Atcom’s support teams have been able to cut down the process to a mere 20 minutes. They’re now helping five times more clients at a fraction of the time it used to take.

WORKetc CRM TIme Saved

This is how the company’s old support process went:

  • Step 1. Client sends email to shared support mailbox.
  • Step 2. Outlook flags and categories are used to show which technicians are assigned to which tickets and at which stage the ticket is currently.
  • Step 3. Technicians search Outlook for client name. Ongoing issues related to the new email are sometimes missed altogether.
  • Step 4. Client info is located in internal wiki or Outlook contacts. Other technicians who have worked on the ticket before sometimes have to be located and asked for additional information.
  • Step 5. Write up Outlook calendar event. Tickets are marked either “TBC” or “Completed” for billing purposes.

With WORKetc, the company’s support process became much more simple:

  • Step 1. Client sends an email to support email address. Email automatically entered in WORKetc support module. Some tickets are auto-updated or auto-assigned to specific technicians.
  • Step 2. Technicians and admin check support ticket activity history and assign jobs.
  • Step 3. Timesheets logged.

Complete Support History At A Glance

Malissa notes that they still have the same number of support technicians now as they had six years ago, but WORKetc has made them all able to greatly pick up the pace.

Each support technician can now serve five times as many customers, with each client helped at only a third of the time it used to take.

Since WORKetc’s support module automatically updates support cases as new emails come in, Atcom’s support team no longer had to scour through their shared Outlook inbox for any issues that may be related to the new email.

WORKetc’s activity history feature also kept the entire team updated regarding any given issue’s status, from the very first email sent to the last thing their techs did for the client. They didn’t need to find out who was working on which issues and bug them for updates.

Those same three support technicians are now working more efficiently, meaning they’re able to take on and take care of more support issues on a day-to-day basis.

Instead of going through only four to eight tickets in a typical eight-hour workday, Atcom’s support team is now able to handle over 20 tickets a day.

They’re saving almost 2,000 extra man-hours per year, and that’s without even adding a single extra person to the team.

“We are now looking after over 700 endpoints”, Malissa adds, “compared to 100 endpoints six years ago.”

More Invoices, Efficiently Handled

Support’s not the only department benefiting from WORKetc either. See, Atcom has experienced great growth in the past few years, and the company is now handling seven times the number of clients it used to.

WORKetc CRM TIme Saved

Their billing department is now creating and sending out more invoices, but guess what? Atcom’s admin and billing agent is able to handle all of the company’s billing and invoice jobs in about the same amount of time it took back when the company was seven times smaller.

According to Malissa, the increase in billing efficiency comes from being able to cut down the time they used to spend on following up, checking, and reissuing invoices by using WORKetc’s built-in invoice module.

She also notes that in the past, many jobs were not even invoiced correctly at all. Now, they’re no longer losing money on incorrect invoices and billable items that accidentally fall through the cracks.

With the time and money Atcom Technology has saved using WORKetc, it’ll be no surprise if they grow seven times larger again in the next six years.

How has WORKetc helped you run your business more efficiently? Let us know in the comments.

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