Cloud software for [growing] businesses

Small business Software: Manage your entire business with WORKetc.

Using multiple systems to manage separate aspects of your business brings excessive costs and discouraged employees. Communication is decentralized while users jump back and fourth between apps to complete simple tasks.

By consolidating multiple business programs into one small business software, companies have the ability to manage all operations and communication centrally. WORK[etc] integrates sales, projects, tasks, support, billing, time tracking, and email marketing into one web based app with granular permissions and extensive reporting options.

  • Everything in One Place
    One location for all data including projects, task lists, sales leads, contacts, invoices and permission roles.
  • Molded to Fit Your Business
    Apply custom fields to any module, and create smart tables to display customized data lists your way.
  • Collaborate from Anywhere
    Update sales leads, projects, and tasks using native apps for iPhone & Android and work from inside Gmail.
  • Capture All Finances
    View all billable items on one screen. Ensure every expense, milestone, & timesheet makes its way to an invoice.

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