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10Apr '14

How this Consulting Firm Doubled with the help of WORK[etc] & Google Apps for Business

This financial consulting firm doubled their business in part helped by embedding their business processes into Google Apps for Business and the WORK[etc] Gmail Gadget.  Find out how you can put this system into play within your own business.

By Daniel Barnett | 10-04-2014 | Shares 22

2Mar '14

New Release: Customer Portal 2.0

By Daniel Barnett | 02-03-2014 | 13 comments | Shares 21

With more than six months in development, WORK[etc]'s new Self-Service Portal is now available.  Share tasks with your customers, re-brand the interface, pay invoices and publish web forms and articles for each of your customers.

1Mar '14

New Release – Google Apps & Gmail CRM v3.0

By Daniel Barnett | 01-03-2014 | 5 comments | Shares 15

Recently Google made some changes to their Apps Marketplace to improve security by migrating all access points to Oauth2 and introducing Google+ Sign-in as a method.  We took this opportunity to not only upgrade our Google Apps integration but also add some new CRM features.

26Feb '14

New Release: Performance Enhancements = Faster CRM Experience

By Daniel Barnett | 26-02-2014 | 9 comments | Shares 24

A huge re-work of the way WORK[etc] handles and stores complex data results in a massive performance boost across CRM, Billing and Project Management modules.  Read about how we're making your business faster.

6Nov '13

Pre-Announcement: Self-Service Portal 2.0 Beta Release

By Daniel Barnett | 06-11-2013 | 5 comments | Shares 61

Get in on the new customer self-service portal beta release. The new portals include a fresh new design, contractor access and a heap of new and improved functionality.

17Oct '13

WORK[etc] Insiders: rewarding our true champions

By Daniel Barnett | 17-10-2013 | 11 comments | Shares 83

By far the best marketing we’ve ever done, is the marketing we never actually did.That is to say the best marketing has been the marketing our customers have done for us. The casual mention of WORK[etc] at an industry conference or the spontaneous tweet in reaction to a big WORK[etc] “aha!” moment.This type of genuine, […]

4Sep '13

QuickBooks Online – Now taking registrations for beta 2

By Daniel Barnett | 04-09-2013 | 20 comments | Shares 41

Less than 50 spots now available for the second (and final) Quickbooks Online Beta.  Get your registration in fast.

2Aug '13

The world has gone Social CRM. Now you can too. Exclusive invites.

By Daniel Barnett | 02-08-2013 | 68 comments | Shares 90

Update contact details and link contacts to their LinkedIn, Twitter, and Facebook profiles with the WORK[etc] Social CRM integration.  Actually, this last sentence makes it sound boring.  But really, it is a very useful and clever addition.  Find out why here.

16Jul '13

How we’re making WORK[etc] SaaS business management faster.

By Daniel Barnett | 16-07-2013 | 3 comments | Shares 13

Its been 6 weeks since our last product update.  And a lot can happen in 6 weeks.  Aside from our Social CRM project, we are also close to releasing some major performance updates.

15Jul '13

This is our new site. Welcome.

By Daniel Barnett | 15-07-2013 | 46 comments | Shares 70

We have just launched our new site, new brand positioning.  Plus, find out how to get an awesome Explainer video produced for under $1500.

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New Release: Customer Portal 2.0

Following on from yesterday’s performance announcement, available right now, across all plans will be upgraded to the new Customer Portal.  The Customer Portal is a key feature of WORK[etc], enabling you to promote a branded, online space where your team and your customers, contractors or suppliers can all collaborate on projects, work through support issues […]

New Release – Google Apps & Gmail CRM v3.0

The final major release this week is our update to Google Apps Integration.   Recently Google made some changes to their Apps Marketplace to improve security by migrating all access points to Oauth2, the introduction of Google+ Sign-in as a method for accessing Apps and a number of other behind-the-scenes changes.Now, whilst this update was […]

Entrepreneur’s Guide to Surviving any Holiday

At this time of year every second business guru will tell you how critical it is to really unplug for the holidays. Turn off your mobile, unplug your Wi-Fi and leave your laptop in the office. They’ll claim this is the only way you can really recharge, and if you don’t do this you are […]

The Secret to Online Teamwork? All-in-one CRM Software

The success of your company lies with your employees. By working as a team your business can reach great heights and make a measurable impact in your industry. As a business owner it is not only important to hire the right talent, but you must facilitate collaboration across your team.Henry Ford once said, “Coming together […]

Become a Delegation Pro – Four Practical Steps

One of the toughest things for any small business owner to do is it to loosen the reins. When you start a small business you’re the chief innovator, chief marketer, chief salesperson, chief receptionist and chief accountant but if you want to grow your business then things have to change. For me this was in […]

Pre-Announcement: Self-Service Portal 2.0 Beta Release

This is literally going to be our biggest beta release all year and with just a few more tweaks and testing to go, the beta release is really close.As a re-cap, the new self-service portal enhances the existing customer portal and makes available a new contractor portal.  Fresh new design and improved functionality.ActivityCustomer Portal as […]