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3Oct '14

In-App Timer, Inline Editing, and More Coming Soon to WORK[etc] Online CRM

It's been a while since we last looked at how the updates to the web app is getting along. With most of the back-end redesigns done, we're now giving you another glimpse at what to expect when the next massive WORK[etc] update is finally rolled out.

By Daniel Barnett | 03-10-2014 | 35 comments | Shares 47

8Sep '14

Sneak Peek 3: WORK[etc] iOS mobile CRM Version 3 in action

By Daniel Barnett | 08-09-2014 | 42 comments | Shares 228

We've talked about the features. We've shown you screenshots. Now it's time to show you what Version 3 of the WORK[etc] iOS app can really do. Video incoming!

31Jul '14

First look at Version 3 of WORK[etc]‘s Android app

By Daniel Barnett | 31-07-2014 | 44 comments | Shares 63

You've seen the preview for our upcoming iOS app release. Now, feast your eyes on Version 3 of WORK[etc]'s Android app. Pretty soon, you'll be enjoying a faster, cleaner, and more intuitive mobile app on your Android device. Read on for details.

14Jul '14

Sneak Peek 2: Redesigned SmartViews, Contextual Activity Picker, and more

By Daniel Barnett | 14-07-2014 | 32 comments | Shares 49

We’re in the final week of finalizing the features and changes that will be included in the next WORK[etc] release, so if you have any suggestions now's the time to tell us. While you're at it, check out this sneak peek at how the update is shaping up.

18Jun '14

A Sneak Peek at WORK[etc] iOS App Version 3′s New Features

By Daniel Barnett | 18-06-2014 | 30 comments | Shares 62

Version 2 of the WORK[etc] iOS app was a huge improvement over Version 1. Version 3 is set to blow it out of the water, however, as this release takes the app's speed and usability to a whole new level. Keep reading for a sneak preview of the features we’re adding.

10Jun '14

WORK[etc] Named Google for Work Authorized Technology Partner with CRM, Projects & Support Platform

By Daniel Barnett | 10-06-2014 | 15 comments | Shares 58

Today, WORK[etc] has become one of the first Google for Work Authorized Technology Partners.  Google will help WORK[etc] design richer product integrations with Google Apps services, in turn providing more added value for our customers.

19May '14

Building the Next Version of WORK[etc] CRM System

By Daniel Barnett | 19-05-2014 | 39 comments | Shares 107

We're giving WORK[etc] a fresh makeover!  This is the first of many sneak previews of how we are building a better WORK[etc] and, with it, helping you to grow your business faster.

10Apr '14

How this Consulting Firm Doubled with the help of WORK[etc] & Google for Work

By Daniel Barnett | 10-04-2014 | 18 comments | Shares 76

This financial consulting firm doubled their business in part helped by embedding their business processes into Google Apps for Business and the WORK[etc] Gmail Gadget.  Find out how you can put this system into play within your own business.

2Mar '14

New Release: Customer Portal 2.0

By Daniel Barnett | 02-03-2014 | 27 comments | Shares 29

With more than six months in development, WORK[etc]'s new Self-Service Portal is now available.  Share tasks with your customers, re-brand the interface, pay invoices and publish web forms and articles for each of your customers.

1Mar '14

New Release – Google Apps & Gmail CRM v3.0

By Daniel Barnett | 01-03-2014 | 20 comments | Shares 48

Recently Google made some changes to their Apps Marketplace to improve security by migrating all access points to Oauth2 and introducing Google+ Sign-in as a method.  We took this opportunity to not only upgrade our Google Apps integration but also add some new CRM features.

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First look at Version 3 of WORK[etc]‘s Android app

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